International Conference on Food Sovereignty and Peasants Rights

A THREE day international conference on ‘Food Sovereignty and Peasants Rights’ was organized at Kathmandu, Nepal by ‘National Farmers Commission’ Government of Nepal, on March 10-12,  2019. 350 delegates attended the conference representing kisan and agricultural workers organizations, experts, government officials, ministers and peoples representatives of Nepal.

Second List of Seats to be Contested by the CPI(M) in the 2019 Lok Sabha Elections

Attacks on Kashmiri People; Government Remained in Slumber

PULWAMA fedayeen attack killed more than 40 personnel of the CRPF on February 14. There was widespread condemnation in the country at the ghastly killing. However, the ‘sangh’ and its outfits were more concerned at targeting the Kashmiri people, who either are students or work in different parts of the country, by attacking them, abusing them. There were series of attacks and intimidation of Kashmiri people in the country, more than 44 incidents were reported. Students hailing from Kashmir were commented upon in different parts.

Interim Budget Makes Mockery of Informal Labour’s Plight

AFTER its election in 2014, the Modi government had promised to create 20 million jobs in five years. However, the recent debate on the job creation data shows that unemployment is at its peak at the end of the five year term of the Modi government. Curiously the current government has rubbished this data, without releasing any of its own statistics. The argument being made by the spokespersons of the BJP is that this data does not represent the true picture as most of the livelihood has been created in the form of self-employment and is largely in the informal sector.

Crony Capitalism in the Telecom Sector

AFTER the entry of Reliance Jio in September 2016, the entire telecom sector has undergone a sea-change. Telecom biggies like Airtel, Vodafone, Idea and BSNL have gone into loss and are facing a serious financial crisis. Smaller telecom companies like Aircel, Tata Teleservices, Anil Ambani led Reliance Infocomm, Telenor, etc., have either closed down, or have got merged with bigger companies. Vodafone, a multinational giant, is unable to run its business in India and has got merged with Kumarmangalam Birla’s Idea. The merged entity is now called Vodafone Idea.

Desperation of BJP all the More Evident

PM MODI is clearly rattled by reading the writing on the wall concerning the outcome of the 2019 general elections. As a result, he is doling out various excuses and reasons in order to portray the efforts for unity, that is emerging among the secular opposition for the ouster of the BJP from government, as an act of either opportunism, an act of money bags getting together or an act of sheer desperation; that it is Modi versus the rest in the forthcoming elections. Let us examine these claims of the prime minister.

Disfiguring CBI-Brazen Authoritarian Assault

THE recent attack on the CBI, once again, reconfirms our understanding of the character of the Modi government. This government is hell-bent to undermine all constitutional institutions in the country. Their autonomy is a hindrance to the attainability of a full fledged ‘hindu rashtra’, (the pernicious fascistic ideological project of the RSS) despite the BJP being in government with a majority of its own. This requires the transformation of the existing secular democratic republic into the RSS vision.


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