The Sangh and the Betrayal of the Cosmopolitan Secular Nation

IN his recent Sardar Patel Memorial Lecture Dream India 2030: Avoiding the Pitfalls, Ajit Doval, the national security advisor, forcefully argued that there “are plenty of forces more within than outside, who probably are bent upon eroding the will of the nation.” He stated that criticism and “false narratives” would lead to “communal riots” and social disharmony” and that a “strong and stable government” was needed for the next ten years. He also argued that the nation would suffer if there was political fragmentation and a coalition government.

Act Now

THERE are no lights, no camera, but the real ‘action’ only starts then. The mask of the ‘sanskari’ father slips off and he comes out with all his venomous ‘glory’. It is not just about the mask slipping off the ‘sanskari’ father, many more wolves lurking under sheep’s skin are getting exposed, thanks to the ‘me too’ movement. Err, some are calling it a movement, others a revolution; whatever it is, it is certainly a blow at the patriarchal values prevalent in the society.

The Migrant Worker in Not So Vibrant Gujarat

IT is well known that the mobility of labour is essential for the survival and reproduction of contemporary corporate capitalism. This is particularly necessary to maintain a supply of surplus labour in order to intensify the accumulation process for the big corporate houses. However, widening inequalities and the economic distress arising from the unequal development of such process of big capital led industrialisation led to social unrest and conflict.

State cannot peep into bedrooms affaires, declares supreme court

LEGALLY, constitutionally, judicially and morally speaking, Thursday, September6, 2018, was a historic day for India. A five member constitutional bench of the Supreme Court of India struck down part of section 377 of the Criminal Procedure Code(CrPC) as “violative of the right to equality and the right to live with dignity ”. The unanimous verdict with one stroke of judicial wisdom, the top most court of the country, in the Navtej Johar  V/s Union of India case, flung the 1860 colonial law which criminalized homo sexuality into the dust bin of history.

RSS’ Characteristic Duplicity at Display

THE Modi government reconfirmed, once again, that the BJP is the political arm of the RSS. It has rolled out red carpet for the RSS chief to lecture from Delhi’s Vigyan Bhawan, which is normally allotted only for government functions, or on rare occasions for non-government functions where the president, vice president or the prime minister are participating. It is unusual to permit a private organisation. Further, these lectures were beamed live telecast across the country.

Despite Supreme Court Rap, Mob Lynching Continues

IN a landmark judgement on July 17, the Supreme Court has ruled that mobocracy cannot be allowed to become the “new normal”. The judgement came at a time when incidents of widespread brutalities against dalits, adivasis and minorities were being committed by well-organised vigilante groups in different parts of India. Coming down strongly on recurring incidents of mob lynching, the Supreme Court directed that the central government should bring a separate law to deal with such incidents and parliament should pass it.


THESE are very busy days. It seems even 24 hours are not sufficient for my search. Google is not of much help, it is only trying to make me understand what it is, not where it is. Indeed, the search is for that thing which is available at a premium these days – conscience.

Samir Amin (1931-2018)

SAMIR Amin, the renowned Marxist thinker and economist, passed away on August 13 in Paris. Born in Cairo on September 3, 1931, to an Egyptian father and a French mother, he had his initial education in Egypt before moving to Paris where he obtained his doctorate in political economy. Drawn to the cause of socialism from his student days he soon became a member of the Egyptian Communist Party. Between 1957 and 1960 he worked at the Institute for Economic Management in Cairo, before Nasser’s growing repression of the Communists drove him out of Egypt.

That Hand behind Water Privatisation

MONSOONS in our country give rise to varied emotions. Village dwellers will be looking forward to them eagerly and once they arrive, they greet them with great enthusiasm. On the other hand, city dwellers, look forward to them romantically and once they arrive, go on wishing them away, considering the water logging and related problems. In short, it is the management of water that is determining our attitude to rains.


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