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CPV Delegation Visits CPI(M) Headquarters

A delegation of Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) headed by Lam Van Man, Central Committee member and secretary of Soc Trang Provincial Party Committee and comprising Le Thanh Tung, deputy director general, department for research and general affairs, Commission for External Affairs, CPV Central Committee; Cao Xuan Mai, expert, department for people-to-people relations, Commission for External Affairs, CPV Central Committee and Nguyen Tran Xuan Son, expert, department for Southeast Asia, South Asia and South Pacific, Commission for External Affairs, CPV Cen

CPI(M) and CPV Bilateral Meeting

THE Communist Party of India (Marxist) had an online bilateral meeting with the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) on June 29, 2022. The CPI(M) delegation was led by Sitaram Yechury, general secretary and consisted of Nilotpal Basu, Polit Bureau member and R Arun Kumar, Central Committee member. The CPV delegation was led by Vo Van Thuong, Polit Bureau member, and standing member of the Communist Party of Vietnam Central Committee’s (CPVCC) secretariat.

Hold Protests against hike in Petroleum Prices: Yechury

SPEAKING over the precarious economic situation of the people in the country, Sitaram Yechury, general secretary of CPI(M) said that the BJP has no concern for peoples’ welfare. Almost every day the prices of petroleum products are raised. This has led to a cascading effect on the economy. Prices of essential items have increased due to these policies. The Party has given a call to hold protests in the country against price rise and all units across the country will hold demonstrations.  

Communist Party of Ireland Expresses Solidarity with CPI (M)

Below we publish the statement issued by the general secretary of the Communist Party of Ireland, Eugene McCartan, on September 17.

WORKERS apart from fighting for economic reasons through trade unions organised into political parties to fight for political power.  As the crisis of the system grows across the globe we are witnessing growing attacks on workers organisations and in particular on communist parties.  The latest is the state organised attacks on members and property of the Communist Party of India (Marxist). 


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