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Anglo-American “Rule of Law”: Coerce Justice and Pamper War-crime

EVER since the US invasion of Iraq in 2003, the country has been on a downward slide and its people have been suffering unprecedented hardships.

The never-ending trauma of war, poverty, and the disastrous state of public health and the education system continue to haunt the country which, prior to the invasion was one of the best governed States in the Arab world.

Calculate the Cost of Military Alignment with the Empire

THE visit of US secretary of state Mike Pompeo and US defence secretary Mark Esper for the 2+2 Dialogue with their Indian counterparts, in the middle of the second surge in Covid-19 pandemic and merely a week prior to US presidential polls, is being projected as the coming of age of a long-cherished military relationship. One of the highlights of the meeting was the signing of the Basic Exchange and Co-operation Agreement (BECA), at a time when the military standoff across the undefined border with China shows no signs of de-escalation. 

Trump is Exploiting Race & China for Re-election

WITH the American presidential election just a few months away, Donald Trump is down in the polls. People’s trust or approval of Trump’s handling of the pandemic is at an all-time low. With more than 1,50,000 deaths due to the spread of Covid-19 pandemic caused mainly due to the profit-driven health system designed to serve the pharmaceutical industry, people’s faith in the administration has hit the rock bottom.

Japan Ushers in a “New Era” in China Relations: Avoids Joining the US in China-bashing

JOHN Bolton, former national security adviser (NSA), in the Trump administration, in his controversial book The Room Where It Happened, has alleged the US President Donald Trump demanded that Japan pay $8 billion per year for costs associated with hosting American troops in Okinawa – or risk their withdrawal.

From a Formal to an Informal US-empire in Afghanistan

AFGHANISTAN’s seven-day “reduction in violence” plan negotiated by the US and the Taliban commenced on February 21. Subsequently, the two erstwhile warring parties signed a deal on February 28, to bring peace to Afghanistan. America promised phased withdrawal of its military forces from Afghanistan. It is hoped that this will mark the beginning of end of the American involvement in nearly two-decade-old Afghan war which began after the September 11 attacks.

Pandemic and Pandemonium in Imperial Navy

THE American image has nosedived. President Donald Trump’s shoddy and tardy handling of the Covid-19 pandemic has exposed the hollowness of the so-called American dream and the neoliberal capitalist order. The images of America’s rotten privatised healthcare system is clearly pointing to the fact that America is both morally and materially incapable of leading the world out of the current health crisis.


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