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Russia and China – A Formidable Counter-Hegemonic Force

IF loss of China” was the main worry of the American strategic community in the 1950s, then their current nightmare is the drifting of Russia towards China. Yet, the transatlantic alliance partners, led by the US, have done everything possible to push Russia away. On the other hand, Beijing has played its cards well by investing in Eurasian connectivity to woo Russia. 

The Pitfalls of Running with the Empire And Hunting with Nationalism

LAST week the US secretary of state, Antony Blinken was in New Delhi and his deputy, Wendy Sherman was in Beijing. Blinken’s India visit was to strengthen the existing strategic bonds between the two countries that are poles apart in terms of power. The secretary’s job was to ensure that New Delhi does not deviate from the prescribed path and continues its allegiance to the strategic agenda designed to retain American primacy in world affairs. 

CPC Has Converted a Continental Nation Into a Maritime Power

LAST month China was in news for two reasons. The first was for the spectacular celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China (CPC). The second big news related to the Chinese navy.

Even the die-hard critics of CPC acknowledge its accomplishments in taking the world’s most populous country out of absolute poverty. There is hardly anyone who can deny the role of the party in making China great and giving its people confidence and hope.

The Bureaucratisation of the Professional Indian Military

The formalisation of officers appointments equips them with financial powers for better efficiency and brings them at par with their civilian counterparts in the same department. The elevation of the military officers to civilian ranks in the MoD has largely been welcomed by most commentators and analysts of military affairs. The move is being perceived as a step in the right direction to rectify the anomaly in higher defence management and facilitate the much-vaunted military modernisation.

India Pays a Heavy Price for Modi’s Futile International Image Building Desires

INDIA is in the midst of the world’s worst outbreak of Covid-19 cases. It is a dystopian nightmare. The new cases and death toll are continuously rising. The medical response is hampered by shortages of oxygen, drugs, and hospital beds. According to experts, “The significant inefficiency, dysfunction and acute shortage of healthcare delivery systems in the public sector do not meet the growing needs of the population.”

American Factor in the Indo-Pak Equation

INDIA and China have agreed to begin 'a workable and sequential' disengagement and de-escalation at all the heavily armed “friction points” in eastern Ladakh. More surprisingly, New Delhi and Pakistan have secretly negotiated a ceasefire agreement on the Line of Control (LoC) and International Border (IB) in Jammu and Kashmir, which has witnessed intense military action over the past five-years.


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