Organiser’s Flawed Vision of the Telecom Sector

IN its July 16, 2019 issue, Organiser, the RSS’s mouth-piece, has spit venom against the public sector in general and against BSNL in particular. The magazine has published an article, wherein it is stated that, laziness, indifference and barren dullness are the well-known marks of the public sector. By publishing such an article in the Organiser, the RSS has exposed its true colour, vis-à-vis the public sector of the country.

150th year of Mahatama Gandhi’s birth anniversary: Redouble the Resolve to safeguard the Secular-Democratic Republic

YEAR 2019 is the 150th birth anniversary of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. Gandhiji remains the unparalleled mass leader of the Indian people. He successfully mobilised people from the whole of India’s vast diversity in the struggle for independence from British colonial rule.

Gandhiji’s Values: Anathema for Hindutva Forces

HAD Gandhiji been alive today, he would have sat on an indefinite hunger strike against the mob lynchings of innocent people accused of cow slaughter. Because for him, even a single act of violence against an innocent man was an anathema.

As we observe the 150th birth anniversary of the 'Mahatma', it is necessary to recall why he became a great soul for the crores of Indians and for many people around the world.

Rising Unemployment and the Urban Employment Guarantee

UNEMPLOYMENT in the cities is rising acutely since demonetisation was implemented in the country by Narendra Modi on September 9, 2016. The voices of the unemployed could not be heard at that time since most of the people who had to lose their jobs were from the unorganised sector. The informal sector comprises 93 per cent of the city jobs, the figure two decades ago was nearly 75 per cent. This figure explains the humongous loss done to the job security in the cities. The informal sector workers were the hardest hit because of demonetisation.

CAG Report on GST Reveals Fraud

THE GST Council, in its 37th session on September 20, 2019 in Goa, chaired by the union finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman and attended by the finance ministers of all states, has taken urgent steps in slashing down the tariff rates in starred hotels to encourage hospitality industry and tourism, particularly foreign tourism. This was the priority for the GST Council when the county is facing its worst economic slowdown, due to slump in consumption, and 45 years low unemployment rate.

Assam: NRC and After

THE publication of final NRC in Assam has drawn the attention of the whole country. Not only now but for last couple of years, with the publication of first draft, stories related to NRC are hitting the headlines in all forms of media. The question of ‘stateless’ people it may create has been keenly watched by the international media as well. 

Patriarchal Citizenship and Disenfranchisement Of Women in Assam

HALIMA Khatun is a middle aged woman, who has been detained at the Kokrajhar Detention Centre in Assam for over 10 years. She has four children who live with her husband in Nagaon district. Except for her, the entire family has been declared as an “Indian” in the NRC process. Similar is the story of Arti Das who is also from Nagaon; she has been lodged in Kokrajhar Detention Centre for the last three years, while her husband is detained at the Tezpur Detention Centre. But their two children are ‘bonafide’ Indian citizens.


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