Vol. XLIII No. 08 February 24, 2019

Highly Successful Three-day Strike in BSNL

THE three-day strike of the employees and officers of BSNL, which started on February 18, 2019, is a huge success. It was called by the All Unions and Associations of BSNL (AUAB). Almost all the telephone exchanges, administrative offices, customer service centres, etc, remained closed throughout the...

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The Aftermath of Pulwama

THE death of 40 jawans of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) in the horrific attack in Pulwama has caused sorrow and outrage among people throughout the country. Thousands of people attended the funerals of the killed jawans who were drawn from 16 states of the country.

Stop Attacks on Kashmiri People

THE CPI(M) expresses serious concern at the attacks on students and people belonging to Kashmir which have taken place in different parts of the country. Students were beaten up in Dehradun by Bajrang Dal and VHP men.

The Anatomy of Imperialist Intervention

WHAT is happening in Venezuela today provides an object lesson on the nature of imperialist intervention in third world countries in the era of neoliberalism. Imperialism has of late intervened along similar lines in other Latin American countries, notably Brazil; but Venezuela, precisely because of the strong resistance it has put up, shows the techniques of imperialism in sharper relief.

The Discontents of the Data Universe

IN 2011, in Davos, the World Economic Forum (WEF) hailed the birth of a new “asset class” – data. Going into raptures, they proclaimed data as the new oil. The WEF love for data has only grown with time. In 2019 it has declared that data is not merely oil, it is “super oil”: unlike the universe of oil, which is bound to the physical world and therefore finite, super oil or the data universe, is unbounded and growing exponentially.

Anganwari call for Delhi March

ON the slogans of, no to direct cash transfer and no privatisation in ICDS; implement minimum wages of Rs 18,000 per month and pension of Rs 6,000 per month for anganwadi workers and helpers; regularise them as government employees; make anganwadis full time as anganwadi cum creches, the ALL India Federation of Anganwadi Workers and Helpers (AIFAWH) union has decided to march to parliament on February 25, 2019.

Beed Drought: Plight of Agricultural Workers, Burdens on the Women

AS reported in the earlier article, if the plight of kisans in drought-hit Beed is serious, then that of agricultural workers who comprise around 35 per cent population and especially women workers is much worse and should be of grave concern.

Fight Against Capitulationism- 32

MARX was more than right in his prophecy that the Gotha compromise programme would open the doors wide to opportunistic self seekers. One year later, the prophecy was realized when a private lecturer in Berlin, Eugen Duhring, found an audience in the Party for his petty-bourgeois ideas about Socialism and was even lauded by leading Social-Democrats.

Kerala Samrakshana Jatha

THE state of Kerala was in amidst of a debate following the Samrakshana jatha which elaborates the LDF progress. Thousands of people have thronged at the centres to have a dialogue with the leaders during the jatha programme. The issues like development, communalism and democratic rights have also been thoroughly discussed in these centres.

Meanwhile in Tripura

IN a fascist like diktat, the ICA department, government of Tripura, the organiser of the 37th Agartala Book Fair has ordered to close down the stall allotted in the fair to Chhatra Sangbad, the organ of SFI Tripura state committee. This unprecedented and gagging order was issued on February 19, on the fifth day of the book fair. This was preceded by two attacks on the stall by hooligans of RSS- BJP and Bajrang dal on February 16 and 17.

TAMIL NADU: Centenary Celebrations of Lokayata Philosopher Held

BIRTH centenary of Indian Marxist philosopher, Debiprasad Chattopadhyaya, was observed by the Marxist (Tamil) monthly, in association with Bharathi Puthagalayam and the department of philosophy, Pachaiyappas College, Chennai. A one-day seminar was held at Chennai, on February 16, to remember his contributions to unearth the treasure called Lokayata from the ancient Indian philosophy, including vedic...