On the Recent Scams and the Role of Crony Capitalism

Sitaram Yechury, general secretary of the Communist Party of India (Marxist), addressed a press conference on the recent scams and the role of crony capitalism, on November 15, 2018 at the Party headquarters in New Delhi. The following is the text of the press release.

Crisis in Sri Lanka

SRI LANKA has been plunged into a political and constitutional crisis due to the arbitrary steps taken by Maithripala Sirisena in the past three weeks. The president dismissed Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and swore in his erstwhile opponent Mahinda Rajapaksa as the prime minister on October 26.

Renaming for What?

ALONG with the revival of the issues of the Ram temple at Ayodhya, the BJP-RSS combine has opened a new front with communal intent. That is the renaming of cities and places which have a Muslim cultural lineage. The BJP government in Uttar Pradesh led by Adityanath, has gone on a name changing spree.

Neo-Liberalism and the Diffusion of Development

THE level of economic activity under capitalism is subject to prolonged ebbs and flows. When the economy is on an upswing, this very fact acts as an elixir that emboldens capitalists, who begin to expect that the “good times” are going to continue; this makes them less worried about taking risks, more “adventurous”, and hence more prone to taking “bolder” decisions in their asset preference.

Demonetisation is a Failure, Govt Should Admit

THE Bank Employees Federation of India (BEFI), Tamil Nadu, has demanded that the government should openly accept that demonetisation is a failure and should compensate the families for loss of lives due to demonetisation.

The Asia Bibi Case in Pakistan Should Serve As a Warning for Us in India

THE Asia Bibi case in Pakistan and the recent developments on it, should serve as a warning for us in India. The relevance for us in India, although it happened in entirely different circumstances, is that it was triggered by blatant defiance and opposition to a landmark Supreme Court judgement by zealots operating in the guise of defending religion and religious sentiment.

Meanwhile in Tripura

ON January 8-9, the 48 hour general strike called by the trade unions shall be observed in Tripura too. An impressive state level convention of the workers at Agartala on November 11, resolved to make the strike action a success in the state. The convention at Agartala town hall was jam packed.

TELANGANA: BLF Releases Third List, Election Campaign Goes Full Swing

THE election notification for 119 constituencies of Telangana Assembly was issued on November 12. After a long tussle, the ‘Mahakutami’, a four party alliance of Congress, Telugu Desam Party, Telangana Jana Samithi and CPI, announced its first list of 65 candidates from the Congress party on November 12.

WEST BENGAL: AIKS, AIAWU to Hold Singur to Raj Bhavan March

THE All India Kisan Sabha and the All India Agricultural Workers Union are going to organise a historic kisan rally, 'Singur to Raj Bhavan” Long March on November 28-29, 2018 to highlight burning issues of the peasantry and mobilise struggling forces around alternative policies. Thousands of peasants and agricultural workers will march through three districts.

Palestine: Israel Bares its Fangs Yet Again

TRUCE was announced by Israel and Hamas on November 13, bringing to an end two days of Israeli aerial attacks on Gaza, to which Hamas responded with rocket fire. In the worst violence that Gaza had witnessed in the last two years, at least 15 Palestinians and two Israelis were killed.

A Critique of Political Economy

IN the mid-1850s Marx began to set down his thoughts on political economy in manuscript form—but only after he had in long years of painstaking labour worked his way through a fantastic number of books, technical writings, legal journals, parliamentary records, and had analysed all the available economic and sociological statistics, newspapers, reports on industry, trade and the stock exchange.

Independence of Judiciary Vital for Upholding Constitution: AILU

THE All India Lawyers Union (AILU) held a national convention on ‘Independence and Accountability of Judiciary’ on September 29 at the Constitution Club, New Delhi.