Vol. XLIII No. 46 November 17, 2019

Telangana Transport Workers’ Protest

ON the call of the Telangana State Road Transport Corporation Joint Action Committee (TSRTC JAC), thousands of workers lay siege to the famous Tank Bund in Hyderabad on November 9, braving unprecedented repression and police restrictions. Barricades, fences and lathi-wielding policemen could not deter...

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Ayodhya Verdict: Problematic Issues

THE Supreme Court verdict has provided a final resolution to the Ayodhya dispute. This judicial route was the only way to settle the matter in a secular republic governed by the rule of law as there was no possibility of a negotiated settlement. That is why the verdict has been generally accepted even though there may be serious reservations, or, even objections to it.

Condemn Hasty President’s Rule in Maharashtra

THE Polit Bureau strongly condemns the abrupt manner in which president’s rule has been imposed in Maharashtra. The governor had given time till 8.30 pm tonight to the NCP leader, Sharad Pawar, to claim support of the majority of the elected MLAs to form the government. Even before the deadline set by him was over, he recommends the imposition of Article 356 by the president of India.

US Sponsored Coup in Bolivia

EVO Morales, elected president of Bolivia, was overthrown in a coup carried out by the opposition oligarchic forces, aided and abetted by the US. With grave threats to his life, Morales was forced to seek asylum in Mexico. Bolivia now joins the long list of countries where the US had intervened and aided the overthrow of progressive, Left leaning presidents in Latin America. Morales was forced by the army to resign, though he had clearly won the elections by attaining 10 per...

TAMIL NADU: Chennai Convention Calls for Equal Status to All National Languages

AS part of Sangh Parivar’s agenda, the Modi government is vigorously pursuing the promotion of Hindi and Sanskrit in every possible manner. Its Draft National Education Policy 2019 openly promotes Sanskrit to the detriment of several other Indian languages deemed to be national languages under Schedule 8 of the Indian Constitution. In protest to such an action of the central...

The Argument about Competitiveness

WITH the government being forced to withdraw from the RCEP agreement, an argument has arisen: if India is not competitive with other countries in producing a whole range of goods, which is why the producers of such goods within the country objected to the agreement in the first place, then why should it go on producing them? And a related argument states: in protecting uncompetitive producers, the country is penalising consumers who would have otherwise accessed...

Air Pollution Time… Yet Again!

IT would be humorous if it was not so tragic, but it is another winter in Delhi and North India as a whole, and has brought with it, yet again, another prolonged spell of terrible air pollution. The usual media commentaries have been appearing, providing partial explanations for the pollution, its many causes and the possible impacts of the measures being taken to tackle it.

Code on Social Security: An Attempt to Dismantle Workers’ Social Security

THE third version of the Code on Social Security 2019, which will subsume eight laws related to social security of both organised as well as unorganised workers, has been circulated for stakeholders’ consultations on September 17. The CITU has raised serious objection to this codification exercise being undertaken on pretext of “universalizing” social security benefit as it unleashes...

JHARKHAND: CITU Conference Vows to Organise Workers for a Pro-People Political Alternative

THE sixth state conference of CITU Jharkhand committee was organised in Ranchi on September 26-27, in the backdrop of historical nationwide strike of coal workers on September 24, 2019 against 100 per cent FDI proposal in the coal sector by the BJP led government at the centre. On the day preceding the conference ie, on September 25, CITU led anganwadi...

Towards Heightened Struggles – Ninth Conference of AIFAWH

ALL India Federation of Anganwadi Workers and Helpers (AIFAWH), the biggest trade union federation of anganwadi employees is holding its ninth conference from November 17-20, 2019 at Rajamahendravaram (Rajahmundry), Andhra Pradesh. Around 700 delegates from 25 states and union territories representing around five lakh members will attend the conference.

Comrade S Kumar

ON November 9, Comrade S Kumar breathed his last while being taken to a hospital in Raipur. He was 85 years old. On November 7, while walking on a street in Vishrampur, Chattisgarh, he fell down and sustained injuries.