Vol. XLVIII No. 15 April 14, 2024

All Round Attack on Women! Defeat BJP!!

THE 18th General Election in 2024 is a challenge before all secular democratic forces in the country, and at the same time an opportunity to dislodge the nightmarish regime of violence, fear, hunger and unemployment unleashed by the BJP-RSS government in the last ten years. It is time to recall the list of...

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CPI(M) Writes to EC on IT Notices

IT seems for the first time in the recent times, that we have to draw the attention of the Commission to the actions of a central agency which is not only ill conceived, but thoroughly undermine the level playing field in the run up to the ensuing Lok Sabha elections, 2024. The IT notices served to CPI(M) Thrissur district committee on its bank account is totally irregular and therefore, condemnable. The details of this account as part of the country wide party...

A Striking Contrast

THE Reichstag Fire was a crucial event in the conversion of Germany from a liberal democracy into a fascist dictatorship in 1933. The fire, suspected to have been started by the Nazis themselves, was falsely blamed on the Communists, on whom massive terror was unleashed on this pretext; many of them were arrested, including several of the 81 Communist deputies in the Reichstag (the German parliament), and this was exploited by the Nazis, who till then had lacked a majority in parliament, to...

Manufacturing History: Hindutva and Rakhigarhi

NCERT is relentlessly changing school curricula and revising text books to push pre-determined Hindutva ideological positions. Deletions were made earlier in biology and other subjects’ syllabi and text books for Grades 7, 8, 9 and 10 to deny students knowledge of evolution theory, genetics, biodiversity, forests, natural and mineral resources of India etc.

Defeat BJP to stop Loot & Plunder by Corporates!

THE policies and measures adopted by the Modi led BJP government are focussed on facilitating loot and plunder of the nation and intensified exploitation of the workers by the big corporates, domestic and foreign, camouflaged under slogans like ‘Make in India’ and Atmanirbhar Bharat. While the government also claims that these are meant for job creation, the reality is otherwise. The quid pro quo has been exposed by the electoral bond...

Hindustan ko Bolne Do, says DUJ

THE Delhi Union of Journalists, in a statement issued on April 6, has expressed alarm at the growing misuse of the Information Technology Rules, 2021 to shut down social media accounts and platforms. In a blatant move, the Information & Broadcasting ministry has ordered YouTube to take down the channel Bolta Hindustan on April 4, 2024 under Rule 15(2).

Telangana: Left Parties to Fight BJP’s Autocratic Rule

THE state-level convention on ‘Central government policies Fanaticism’ held on March 30, by 11 Left parties at Sundarayya Vignana Kendram in Hyderabad unanimously resolved to conduct a state-wide campaign and agitations from April 1 to 15. Conventions will be held across the state to campaign against the anti-people policies and the fanatics in the central government.

In Solidarity with Prabir Purkayastha: A Message to the Youth

THESE days I often think back to my first association with the anti-colonial national movement. In the 1940s, I was a teen-ager in school. This was in Pune, where the action was, at that time. We would rush through homework and go to the prayer meetings of Gandhi. A foundational change was expected in Indian society. We, who had for centuries been subjects of diverse kingdoms, and then of a colonial state, were slowly...

They Can Blow Up Bridges, But They Don’t Have the Will to Build Them

THE countries of the global north are awash with weapons systems that have the capacity to blow up the world many times over. Not only do the countries in the global north have armies that are lethal and dangerous, but they are the largest exporters of weapons to the rest of the world, fuelling conflicts that could be settled by diplomacy. The larger the arsenal of weapons, the greater the confidence...

Defeat BJP to Safeguard the Power Sector

THE upcoming general election holds significant importance. Throughout the campaign period, a wide range of issues will be discussed and debated. Among these issues, the power sector policy of the ruling government has stood out as one of the most pressing concerns. The tenure of Modi has had a disastrous impact on India's public electricity sector, resulting in an increasingly heavy burden on the people of India.

Oust BJP to Save Construction Workers

THE construction workers are a sizable part of the electorate; more than five crore construction workers are expected to cast their votes in this election. The Modi-led BJP government seeks to return to power by making claims and extending guarantees. However, what has been the experience of construction workers? During the last ten years of its rule, the BJP government, led by Modi, betrayed the working people of our country by unleashing systemic...