Vol. XLVIII No. 08 February 25, 2024

Clarification on Electoral Bonds

REPORTS have appeared in some sections of the media that the CPI(M) has received various amounts as contributions through electoral bonds.
The Party wishes to clarify that these reports are false and baseless. The fact is that the CPI(M) has refused to accept electoral bonds on principle. That is why it did not...

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A Hindutva-Based Population Policy

THE finance minister, Nirmala Sitharaman, in her interim budget speech announced the setting up of a high-powered committee “to study the challenges of fast population growth and demographic changes”. The announcement of such a committee in a budget speech was itself a curious one. If the government intended to frame a new population policy based on a committee to study population growth, it should have found a mention in the president’s address to parliament...

Travails of a Chaukidaar: Fraud and Deception of Electoral Bonds

INDIANS are privy to the continuous theatrics of the prime minister. Underlining the ‘legitimacy’ of his government, he asserted the absolutely clean and corruption free credentials of its trademark governance! The catchphrase used was that the government would act more as a choaukidaar – a watch dog – for safeguarding the interest of the people. The leader’s aggressive assertion was echoed by smaller minions...

Imposing African Cheetahs in the Banni Grasslands

IMPORTED African cheetahs, which are much in the news for various reasons, are soon to be introduced in the Banni Grasslands Reserve in Kachch district of Gujarat. The union government has decided to establish a cheetah conservation and breeding centre in Banni, for which the state government had prepared a proposal under the Compensatory Afforestation Fund Management and Planning Authority (CAMPA).

Decade of Plight for Working People

IT is election eve and the prime minister while speaking in the parliament on the interim budget session ended with forecasts of election results for the ruling combine. It was not an expression of encouragement for his colleagues for the ensuing election but a prediction of number of seats that the BJP and the NDA would be winning. What it transpired perhaps for the mainstream media and the subservient executives is a sense of responsibility to legitimise the...

J&K: Muzzling Democratic Voices

SINCE the abrogation of Article 370, the BJP government has been continuously employing repressive tactics to stifle democratic dissent in Jammu and Kashmir, particularly in the Kashmir Valley. Peaceful demonstrations against anti-people, anti-farmer, and pro-corporate policies have often been met with lathi charge and detentions.

AIKS Condoles Farmer Shubh Karan Singh’s Death in Police Action

THE All India Kisan Sabha, in a press statement issued on February 21, has condoled the death of Shubh Karan Singh, a 24-year old farmer protestor, who was killed in the Haryana police action near Khanauri border on February 21. Shubh Karan Singh, who was seriously injured in the police action, succumbed to his injuries at Government Rajindra Hospital in Patiala. His death is a direct result of...

Tripura: Grameen Bandh and Industrial Strike Successfully Held

THE people of Tripura positively responded to the Samyukta Kisan Morcha’s call for rural India bandh and the call of the Central Trade Unions for industrial/sectoral strike on February 16. Defying the open threat from the ruling miscreants, and aggressive picketing by the BJP sponsored BMS workers against bandh, the peasantry and the working people of the state spontaneously abstained from the workplace in...

CITU Campaigns Extensively for Feb 16 Industrial/Sectoral Strike

LAKHS of workers and peasants from across the country made their voice heard by participating in yet another decisive joint class action through the industrial strike and grameen bandh on February 16, under the aegis of the Samyukta Kisan Morcha and the Central Trade Unions (SKM-CTUs) in protest against the anti-worker, anti-farmer, anti-people policies of Modi-led BJP government.

AARM Campaigns for Feb 16 Grameen Bandh

THE Adivasi Adhikar Rashtriya Manch organised a demonstration at Butibori in Nagpur district, on February 14 to campaign for the rural India strike and to bring attention to the legitimate demands of the citizens of Butibori. It is noteworthy that Butibori was inaugurated as a 5-star MIDC area by the then prime minister, Rajiv Gandhi. However, following industrial development, numerous civic problems have surfaced.