Towards the 22nd Congress of the CPI(M)

INDIAN people are today facing unprecedented challenges.  The only way in which these challenges can be met and defeated is through a mighty people’s movement on the basis of an alternative policy framework that reverses the current disastrous policy direction in our country by ousting the present RSS/BJP government.  In advancing such people’s struggles, this 22nd Congress of the CPI(M) will be a milestone in our Party’s history.

Some Comments on the Draft National Forest Policy 2018

THIS note on behalf of the CPI(M) is to record our opposition to the main thrust of the Draft National Forest Policy 2018 which is to privatise and commercialise forests.  We see the policy document as a continuation of the unjust and pro-corporate process established by the Compensatory Afforestation Fund Act (CAFA). This highly flawed law had eliminated the rights of tribal communities, other traditional forest dwellers and gram sabhas for access and management of forests and their produce.  The draft policy takes this approach even further.

Tripura is Ready to Bridle Saffron Brigade

THE Tripura assembly elections are going to take place on February 18 under a complex scenario prevailing in the country, with the outcome of the 2014 parliamentary polls having brought about a retrogressive change in the political scene.The RSS-BJP has openly declared that the Communists and the CPI(M) are their main enemy and the BJP leadership has made the conquest of Tripura as their main target.Tripura has been undergoing several adversities ever since the country’s partition which had hit the state hardest.

Draft Political Resolution: Exercising Inner-Party Democracy

THE adoption of the Draft Political Resolution for the 22nd Congress of the CPI(M) by a majority vote in the Central Committee meeting held in Kolkata on January 21, has raised a lot of comment in the media and political circles.Even before the Central Committee meeting, when it became known that there is a Polit Bureau draft resolution and a minority draft resolution to be presented before the Central Committee, a lot of reports appeared in the mainstream media.

Willing Youth – Expose the RSS

RSS is a very slimy organisation. It claims that it is a ‘cultural’ organisation and has got nothing to do with politics. Its declared objective is to ‘carry the nation to the pinnacle of glory’ and ‘bring to life the all-round glory and greatness of our Hindu Rashtra’. With these objectives, it dabbles with elections, decides on the heads of various levels of government wherever it is possible and influences how those governments need to go about their work.

Marx in Today’s World

THE 199th birth anniversary of Karl Marx fell on May 5 this year. It is a precursor to the 200th birth anniversary of Marx which is going to be celebrated worldwide.It may be asked, what is the relevance of a nineteenth century philosopher, Karl Marx, who also wrote a book called Das Capital, to the people living in the twenty-first century?Karl Marx was born 200 years ago and the first volume of Capital, a comprehensive study of capitalism, appeared 150 years ago in 1867.


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