Disfiguring CBI-Brazen Authoritarian Assault

THE recent attack on the CBI, once again, reconfirms our understanding of the character of the Modi government. This government is hell-bent to undermine all constitutional institutions in the country. Their autonomy is a hindrance to the attainability of a full fledged ‘hindu rashtra’, (the pernicious fascistic ideological project of the RSS) despite the BJP being in government with a majority of its own. This requires the transformation of the existing secular democratic republic into the RSS vision.

Explosive Unemployment: the Biggest threat to Modi’s Re-election Bid

IN the wake of major electoral reverses for the BJP in the recently held assembly elections to the five states, it has been widely recognized that the agrarian crisis and its most inhuman expression-the burgeoning farmers’ suicides have taken a heavy toll in the electoral battle field. However, commentators are loudly declaring nemesis for the ruling dispensation on another count. There is widespread belief that the tinder box of explosive unemployment will see Modi regime bite the dust; perhaps on a much bigger scale in the coming general elections.

Women’s Wall and Kerala’s Rejection of the Sangh Parivar

KERALA'S renaissance movements in the past 100 years made big strides. These movements had helped women in the struggle to shake off patriarchy and advance towards gender equality. But unfortunately, following the recent Supreme Court verdict which allowed the entry of women of all ages to the Sabarimala temple, there had been attempts to belittle the achievements of the women in Kerala and to sideline them as second class citizens.

No to Electoral Bonds

The CPI(M) will not accept donations through electoral bonds.

IN the course of the assembly elections now on in five states, the CPI(M) has been offered electoral bonds as donation in one of the states.  The Party has not accepted this offer even though it is in serious need of funds to fight elections.

RBI: Symptomatic of What Ails India under the Modi Raj

THOUGH Diwali is over leaving its trail on the fragile Delhi environment, the heat of the build up for disagreement between the government and the RBI in the next governing body meeting of the central bank scheduled for November 19 is palpable. The simmering tension between the two came out explosively triggered by RBI deputy governor Viral Acharya’s lecture in Mumbai. He gave vent to the central bank’s explicit disapproval of the finance ministry’s attempts to undermine its independence and autonomy.

SABARIMALA TEMPLE ISSUE: The BJP’s Ploy and the Congress’ Folly

THE RSS and the BJP have been desperately trying to capture a space for themselves in the political sphere of Kerala for the past many decades. The RSS has been working in Kerala for more than seven or eight decades and has been trying to revive all sorts of obscurantist and superstitious practices and customs.  They infiltrated into hundreds of temple committees and became active in temple festivals and other religious functions.


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