The Fee Must Fall Movement: An Ongoing Struggle Towards Victory

IT is true that the history of public education has been fraught with neo-liberal, authoritative and regressive attacks on the promises of secular, scientific and accessible education in this country. It has been, however, at its core, also a history of continuous student struggles fought not just against these attacks but for an equal and just society. The debarring and imposition of fine on 11 students of Pondicherry University over protests against fee hikes are a reflection of this same anti-student sentiment.

40 Years of January 1982 all India Strike and Its Significance Today

JANUARY 19, 2022, marking four decades of the historic all India strike in 1982 will be observed throughout the country. The CITU, AIKS and AIAWU have decided to observe this day highlighting its importance and further strengthening peasant-workers unity for future struggles to save India from twin attacks of neoliberal policies and communalism led by the BJP.


Anti-Imperialist Struggle and Electoral Alternative

THE ongoing united farmers’ struggle in India has changed the political discourse in India and the world over.  The success of the struggle at the Delhi borders marks a remarkable setback to the reform process under the imperialist globalisation in India. Thus, the main ruling party - the BJP and its prime minister, Narendra Modi have received strong criticism from the pro-imperialist media world over since they yielded to the united farmers’ struggle.

UP: Blatant Lies of Development Exhorted by Modi

AS the UP elections draw closer, the visits of the prime minister to the state are becoming an almost everyday affair.  These visits are well-choreographed events with Narendra Modi alone at the centre whether under the focus of laser lights or on a high podium.  Each event is used to announce a plethora of ‘gifts’ to the people ranging from a spanking, shiny new look Vishwanath Mandir in Varanasi to cash transfers to women’s SHGs.  These state-sponsored events are also utilised in the most brazen fashion to pour vitriol on opposition leaders, Akhilesh Yad

Linking Aadhaar with Voter ID: “Curation or Disenfranchisement”

IN the current context, we see the state mutating itself into a form that exerts greater control on the civilian population through surveillance infrastructure & mechanisms, which by the day is becoming a necessary condition to suit itself to serve the interests and needs of the big capital, paving the way for maximisation of profits for the market forces. The Aadhaar project is the lynchpin to crackdown on welfare measures and a necessary condition to carry forward the devastating reforms in the neo-liberal phase.

KARNATAKA: Bommai joins Yogi in the ‘Anti-Conversion’ Crusade!

IN Hindi movies, the powerful antagonist stops the marriage saying, “Ye shaadi nahi ho sakti!” This scene would highlight the complete disregard of individual choice and autonomy, the fact that the wedding has already been organised, guests present and all parties being willing participants. Anti-Conversion Bill introduced by Karnataka government precisely plays the role of the Bollywood baddie in real life.

On Raising Marrying Age for Women

THE central government is set to introduce a bill to raise the marriageable age for women to 21 years. Given its majority in parliament, this bill will probably become law. Yet there are so many important issues that require deeper consideration that the better course would be for the government to refer the bill to the relevant standing committee, instead of pushing it through.


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