WHO Report on Covid-19 Excess Deaths: Modi Govt’s Attempt to Shoot the Messenger

THE Indian government’s refusal to consider the World Health Organisation estimates of excess deaths during the Covid-19 pandemic years and insisting that only India’s Civil Registration System  should be used for Covid-19 deaths, makes strange reading. WHO’s estimates of excess deaths have been used across the board for all countries. Even in countries with stronger birth and death registration systems than India such as the UK, US, WHO’s report shows that excess deaths have been much larger than the registered Covid-19 deaths.

On Coal Shortages and Power Cuts

EVEN before we reached peak summer, power cuts have started in many states. With power demand reaching 201 GW on April 26, we had a shortfall of 8.2 GW or 4 per cent. This shortfall is even before we have reached the peak of summer when the demand is expected to rise to about 220 GW. The current shortfall is not because we do not have enough generating capacity. We currently have an installed capacity of 400 GW, against a peak demand of about half that.

Ukraine and the Global Economic War: Barbarism or Civilisation?

DOES the Ukraine war and the action of the US, EU, and the UK spell the end of the dollar as the world's reserve currency? Even if the peace talks between Russia and Ukraine reach a 15-point peace plan, as Financial Times has reported, the fallout for the dollar still remains. For the first time, a major nuclear power and major economy were treated as a vassal state. Its $300 billion foreign exchange reserves lying with the US, EU and the UK were seized.

Misfired Missile

AN alarming, strange and implausible incident took place on Wednesday,  March 9 this year when a missile, stated to be undergoing routine maintenance in Sirsa, Haryana, was unexpectedly and unintentionally fired, and landed in Mian Channu village, district Khanewal, Punjab, in Pakistan, thankfully without casualty or serious damage.

Breathing Life Back into the Iran Nuclear Deal Possible but not Easy

THE possibility of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) – or the Iran nuclear deal –being revived, though difficult, has brightened. This could have been accomplished much earlier except for the Biden administration’s attempts to extract concessions from Iran that went far beyond the original deal. The premise of Trump’s pulling out of the 2015 Iran deal, was that he could get a better deal than what Obama had negotiated.