Election Commission Needs Reforms

SOME of the recent positions and steps taken by the Election Commission (EC) of India do no credit to its well-earned reputation of being an impartial arbiter and supervisor of free and fair elections, a role vested in it by the Indian Constitution.

In the last few years, particularly after the Modi government came back to power for a second term, the EC is seen increasingly to acquiesce to the wishes of the government and has even resiled from some of the independent positions it had earlier adopted.

On EWS Reservation

A CONSTITUTION Bench of the Supreme Court has, by a split verdict of 3 to 2 upheld the validity of the 103rd constitutional amendment which provided reservation for economically weaker sections (EWS) from within the general category. The CPI(M) had supported this constitutional amendment in parliament in January 2019. 

A Governor Out of Control

KERALA is witnessing the spectacle of a governor who is out of control. One day he is demanding the resignation of all the vice chancellors of Kerala universities and on another day he “withdraws pleasure” from a minister in the government and asks the chief minister to remove him from the cabinet.

Modi led BJP Govt Has Made India The Hunger Hotspot of the World

THE Global Hunger Index 2022, released on October 13, shows that India’s rank in the world has slipped further – from 101 last year to 107 this year – in terms of this important indicator of conditions of hunger and malnutrition. India’s rank is far below that of its neighbours, and levels of hunger and malnutrition are much better in many countries with significantly lower levels of economic development than India. Afghanistan, a war-torn country, is the only country in South Asia below India in terms of its GHI rank.

No Imposition of Hindi

THE Modi government has been trying to impose Hindi as the official language through various means.  The recent instance is the report of the Committee of Parliament on Official Language headed by the union home minister, Amit Shah.  The 11th volume of the committee’s report has been presented to the president of India.

Infringement of Rights of Political Parties

THE Election Commission of India wants political parties to provide detailed information about the financial implications of the promises made in their election manifestos as well as the effects of these promises on the fiscal sustainability of the state or central government’s finances. For this, the Election Commission proposes to amend the model code of conduct to include a two-part proforma to be filled up by political parties for disclosure of the promises made and the financial implications of these. 

The Italian Results

THE victory of the far-right alliance in the parliament election in Italy is a watershed moment in Europe.  The far-right alliance consisting of the post-fascist Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers Party of Italy) and its alliance partners – the League and Forza Italia – have won 46 per cent of the vote. 


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