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WEST BENGAL: A Battle from the Hearts in Raiganj

“DIL se Salim, Phir se Salim” is the war cry of the CPI(M) cadres, supporters and people of the Raiganj Lok Sabha constituency in Uttar Dinajpur district of West Bengal. This constituency with approximately 14 lakh electorate has once been a Congress stronghold with exceptions on certain occasions. The CPI(M) with sustained efforts and enthusiastic campaigning was able to harness the deep-rooted sense of betrayal amongst the common man against the then incumbent member of parliament of the Indian National Congress and wrest the seat from her in 2014.  

Turning Health Care into Source of Profit

THE NDA government came to power on a number of promises. Assuring affordable, accessible and effective healthcare was one of them – Swasthya Bharat Samridhha Bharat. But as in other areas, the government has miserably failed in fulfilling any of its assurances in the health sector too. Over its five-year tenure, the NDA government led by Modi has on the one hand, starved the health sector of crucial financial resources, and on the other, it has brazenly given incentives to the private sector, including changes in policy towards increasing commercialisation of health services.

Election Campaign in Telangana

CPI(M) Polit Bureau member, B V Raghavulu said that both the TRS and the BJP governments are working against the tribals and are putting them in difficulties. He further said that the people of the country need a ruler who safeguards their interests and not a chowkidar who works for the benefit of the corporates.  Prime Minister Narendra Modi is chowkidar only for Ambanis and Adanis. He is using the name of the armed forces in the election campaign, which is most dangerous.

Modi’s Actions Have Sullied India’s Image Abroad

MODI has destroyed India’s reputation abroad and assaulted the rule of law. Much like Trump, he has undermined the value of truth. Modi’s five-year rule has given India a hate-filled society, badly wounded politics, chaotic and angry Kashmir, a small war with Pakistan, a series of major terrorist strikes and a self- engineered economic crash. With all his incompetency, India has barely managed to survive when it should have actually thrived.

Stop Poll Atmosphere from Being Vitiated

CPI(M) Polit Bureau member Nilotpal Basu, has written to the chief election commissioner, Election Commission of India on April 9, regarding certain brazen violations of the Model Code of Conduct (MCC) by the prime minister, Narendra Modi and by the cabinet minister of Assam, Himanta Biswas Sharma. Modi is also violating the specific direction of the Election Commission to refrain from invoking the armed forces for seeking votes.

BJP’s Manifesto another Jumla

CPI(M) Polit Bureau member Brinda Karat has said that, the election manifesto of the BJP released on April 8, is yet another election jumla. She was reacting to the questions regarding the BJP’s manifesto which emphasises on Ram mandir and terrorism, at a meet the press programme conducted by the Kerala Union of Working Journalists in Thiruvananthapuram on April 8. 


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