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The Crisis is of Electricity Sector not NPA’s of Banks

THE electricity sector enters the news nowadays only as a financial crisis. In this framing of the issues as one of NPA’s of banks, the real crisis – the crisis of the electricity sector – is wished away. The brutal truth is that the restructuring of the electricity sector that started in the 90’s with Enron economics, and dismantling of the state electricity boards, followed by the 2003 Electricity Act, is the cause of the current crisis.

Baseless Report

CPI(M) Polit Bureau has issued the following statement on September 4, 2018

SOME media reports have appeared that on a complaint from Kerala regarding an elected representative, the Party Centre has intervened and given direction on the action to be taken.

There has been no such intervention from the Centre and this is a baseless report. 

All such complaints, as is the normal practice, will be dealt with by the concerned state committee; in this instance, the Kerala State Committee.


WOMEN’S ANGER ERUPTS IN DELHI: AIDWA Demands Freedom From Violence, Hunger & Unemployment

IT was a truly memorable rally. Nearly 10,000 women marched on the roads of Delhi for two hours, in torrential rain throughout! But even the drenching could not subdue their indomitable spirit. They came from the nooks and corners of 23 states in the country. They belonged to every caste, religion and community. The women marched, the old and the young with children in their arms, from Mandi House to Parliament Street on September 4, 2018 under the banner of the All India Democratic Women’s Association (AIDWA). They marched to demand freedom from violence, fear, hunger and unemployment.

Carry Forward the Worker-Peasant Alliance in Action

THE historic and massive ‘Mazdoor Kisan Sangharsh Rally’ before parliament on September 5, 2018, led by the CITU, AIKS and AIAWU was preceded by a series of countrywide campaigns, mobilisations and agitations. Now the struggle against the anti-worker, anti- people and anti-national policies of the government at the centre has entered a new phase with altogether a new dimension.

The movements of 1848

The appearance of the Manifesto of the Communist party, written by Marx and Engels, February 1848, coincided with the outbreak of the revolution in Europe.

The revolution began in France on February 22-24, the bankers’ king, Louis Philippe, was dethroned and a republic proclaimed. The first reports of the revolution reached Marx while he was in Brussels. On behalf of the Brussels Democratic Association, Marx warmly greeted France’s Republican Government.

KERALA FLOOD RELIEF: Massive Response to Call for Donations

People of Kerala have wholeheartedly contributed a mammoth amount of Rs 26,43,22,778 to a hundi collection organised by  the CPI(M). The amount has been deposited to Chief Minister's Distress Relief Fund by respective CPI(M) area committee secretaries. The first phase of collection was organised on August 19-20. Flood affected districts and areas were exempted on those days. Collection in these areas was organised in the later days. 


District-wise breakup: 


Kasaragod: 1,34,12,490

Kannur: 7,84,42,969

Wayanad: 35,00,000

Contract hostel workers agitate for job security, government yields.

About 6,000 outsource government hostel workers, whose services were terminated by the previous Congress government in Karnataka, resumed their work after their eight-day mass dharna at Freedom Park in Bengaluru, Karnataka lead to victory.The workers held mass dharna for eight days and seven nights along with their family members. Theor main demand was provision of job security, as was in the past, till they attain the age of retirement.


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