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ANDHRA PRADESH: Protest against Brutal Murder of Pranay

A CANDLE-LIGHT procession was held on September 19 under the aegis of KVPS and DHPS at Vijayawada near Tummalapalli Kala Kshetram near Gurram Joshua and Phule statues in protest against the brutal killing of Pranay at Miryalaguda in the state of Telangana. Various speakers from different organisations spoke on the incident condemning the brutal casteism practiced by the upper caste communities. A resolution was unanimously passed and it demanded the government to condemn this ghastly act and to introduce new legislations to prevent similar incidents.

HARYANA: Sarv Karamchari Sangh up in arms against Privatisation, ESMA

NEARLY 40,000 Sarv Karamchari Sangh (SKS) employees in Haryana, geared up to march to legislative assembly in Chandigarh on September 10, the second day of the assembly sessions, against privatisation of public sector services and imposing ESMA on striking roadways and health employees.
The protestors marched from Yavnika Park to Housing Board Chowk, where the police had set up barricades. The employees staged dharna at the Housing Board Chowk and shouted slogans against the Haryana government, from 2 to 5 pm.

The Indian Economy in a Tailspin

THE Indian economy is in a tailspin. This cannot be attributed only to innocence in economic matters of the command-centre of the NDA government. While that is indubitably a contributing factor, the current travails of the economy point to something deeper, namely the dead-end to which neo-liberalism has brought the economy. Without moving away from the neo-liberal trajectory, the economy cannot come out of its current difficulties.

All India Jatha of SFI: Unite & Fight For Scientific and Quality Education without Discrimination

IN any democratic country, people elect a government with a hope that the government will bring polices which will benefit their lives. It is the responsibility of an elected government to ensure the basic amenities of health, education, housing etc to all. It is of paramount importance for any democratic government to strengthen the democratic processes, respect personal liberty, and freedom including the right to dissent. However, what we are witnessing in India today is in sharp contrast to the basic principles of democracy in general and Indian constitution in particular.

Another Broom in the Hands of Modi

ON October 2, 2014, Modi held a broom in his hands on a televised and photo-shoot event in a courtyard of a police station in a dalit residential colony in central Delhi. A ‘clean India’, he remarked would be the best tribute to Mahatma Gandhi on his 150th birthday in 2019. He had promised to transform sanitation and waste management in the country by that day. For the good everyone believed!

PALGHAR, MAHARASHTRA: Farmers Vow to Derail Modi’s Pet Bullet Train Project

THE Modi government is hell bent on pushing ahead with its infamous Mumbai-Ahmedabad Bullet Train project with Japanese collaboration at the earliest. It is trying every trick in the trade to grab the land of poor adivasi farmers in Palghar district, who will never get the chance to use the train. The Modi government is doing this by spreading the white lie that farmers from Gujarat have already sold land to it, or by luring them with hefty compensation, or by dangling the blandishment that the government will build schools, hospitals, roads in their villages and so on.

Unholy Nexus Trumps Public Health

MEDICINES can save lives and ameliorate suffering. In the past decades, medicines have contributed enormously to the improvements in population health as people across the world, in spite of unacceptable inequities, are generally healthier than before and live longer. But medicines can also kill people and cause disease and suffering. Diseases caused by the adverse effects of medicines are called iatrogenic diseases and typically can account for 20 percent of hospital admissions.

On Triple Talaq Ordinance

CPI(M) Polit Bureau has issued the following statement on September 20

THE ordinance on triple talaq promulgated by the central government is uncalled for and is motivated by considerations other than that of the welfare of Muslim women.

The triple talaq bill is pending in the Rajya Sabha and requires a full discussion including reference to a select committee. The ordinance is an undemocratic step bypassing parliament.

Life and Work of Karl Marx – X: Founding of a New Paper

COLOGNE, where Marx and Engels arrived on April 11, 1848, was not an accidental choice. The capital of the industrially most advanced Rhine Province had also become a centre of the young working class movement. Here there was a strong organisation of the Communist League. Marx had already worked in Cologne as the Editor-in-chief of the Rheinische Zeitung in 1842-43 and could count on many friends and comrades who shared his views.


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