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Smog and Stubble Burning: Farmers as Scapegoats

“SMOG over Delhi and North India as farmers’ burn stubble” scream headlines across media outlets. It is an easy narrative to peddle to city dwellers, but an entirely misplaced one. There are two big reasons why this is so. First, smog over Delhi and other parts of the Gangetic plains in the winter months results from many contributory factors, and increase in smog-forming particulates and noxious gases from burning of post-harvest stubble in Punjab and Haryana is only one of them, and a small and transient one at that.

Oust Modi government: Manik Sarkar

"THE country is in a very dangerous situation , which it has never witnessed in the last 71 years of independence; so, it will be a historic task to oust the BJP led government at the centre in the coming Lok Sabha Polls", Manik Sarkar, former Chief Minister of Tripura and Polit Bureau Member of Communist Party of India (Marxist) appealed to the people of Tamil Nadu.

Manik Sarkar addressed a huge red volunteer rally, at a massive public meeting at Tripur on October 14.

The Migrant Worker in Not So Vibrant Gujarat

IT is well known that the mobility of labour is essential for the survival and reproduction of contemporary corporate capitalism. This is particularly necessary to maintain a supply of surplus labour in order to intensify the accumulation process for the big corporate houses. However, widening inequalities and the economic distress arising from the unequal development of such process of big capital led industrialisation led to social unrest and conflict.

Lessons of the Defeated Revolutions

At the time Marx set foot on English soil (August 26, 1849) London, with a population of more than two millions, was the world’s largest city and the capital of a developed capitalist country, the “workshop” of the world. In the spring of 1848, the European revolution had also knocked on England’s door, when the Chartist movement called mass demonstrations for extension of basic democratic rights. But the movement suffered such a heavy defeat that its revolutionary force was extinguished for a long time.

M J Akbar Must Step Down

IN a statement issued on October 16, the journalist organisations - Press Club of India, Indian Women's Press Corps, South Asian Women in Media, Press Association - have expressed deep concern over the overwhelming complaints of sexual harassment in the media. They ssid that sexual harassment at the workplace is a worrisome reality and that media organisations and managements have been unable to put the systems in place which would have ordinarily addressed complaints of sexual harassment.

The new Rafale Deal: Corrupt and compromise to national security

A seminar on the expose of the Rafale deal was held in the Constitution Club at New Delhi by the Jan Ekta Jan Adhikar Andolan (JEJAA). There were experts who dealt with the topic and exposed the true lies spread by the BJP government and punctured their balloon of “national security rhetoric”. If in concise, the deal to buy the fighter jets from Dassault company of France could be stated ; then it is “discarding the national interests”, “high level corruption”, “crony capitalism at its zenith” and “inept PM with overstepping intervention in handling the affairs”.

Govt. must address livelihood concerns of people: CPI (M)

ON October 11, the J&K state committee of the CPI(M)met at Srinagar.
During the day-long deliberations the political situation in Jammu and Kashmir and various problems pertaining to different sections of population were discussed threadbare. The committee expressed serious concern regarding the irresponsive attitude of the state administration towards the livelihood issues of the common people.

The following resolutions were adopted:

DYFI to Organise Delhi Chalo Rally on November 3

THE Modi government which completed its four and a half years in office is facing waves of protests one after another from different sections of the people. The present regime has undoubtedly achieved a record in implementing anti- people policies at all levels. As a government which came to power with a number of plump election promises, Modi and Co have completely failed to deliver.


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