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Unemployment, Poverty and the Modi Years

NUMEROUS agencies from the Labour Bureau of Shimla to the Centre for Monitoring the Indian Economy to Oxfam have been drawing attention to the grim unemployment situation in India at present. The government however not only continues to be in a denial mode, but has actually suppressed all official statistics that go against its claims. But like the proverbial thief hiding behind curtains whose shoes nonetheless are visible from outside, the government’s hiding behind suppressed statistics is of no avail; its own figures given in other places, like the thief’s shoes, reveal the truth.

Shocking BJP Manifesto – Full RSS Agenda but Nothing on Social justice, Jobs, Black money

THE ruling BJP released its manifesto for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections recently. Expectedly, it is full of praise for the Prime Minister Modi and his government. Also, it is bristling with wild promises, some repetitions of their 2014 pledges, some new ones.

But there are two notable aspects of this document. One is the wholesale inclusion of the RSS inspired agenda. The second is the shocking omission to address most of the key issues facing the people of the country.


Fighting Spirit of Peerless Employees

VARIOUS sections of people belonging to middle class, lower middle class and poor people, generally try to have savings from their income for the future needs of their children. In India, many financial institutions offer such facilities to the people to invest their savings. Peerless General Finance and Investment Company is a premier financial institution among such institutions. Employees play a key role in prompt repayment of maturity claims and in doing the needful services to the people.

May Day Manifesto, 2019

ON this May Day, the Day of International Solidarity of the Working Class, CITU

Extends warm fraternal greetings to all working people across the world

Stands in solidarity with their struggles to defend their hard won rights from the dogged onslaught of neoliberalism, particularly in the aftermath of the systemic global crisis of capitalism, which continues even after more than a decade.


Modi Peddling Lies, Those Arrested in Sabarimala Indulged in Illegal Acts: Pinarayi

KERALA Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has said Prime Minister Narendra Modi's statement that “if one chants Lord Ayyappan's name in Kerala, they will be put behind bars” is an utter lie. The prime minister is trying to mislead the country in the name of Sabarimala Temple. Modi must protect the dignity of the prime minister’s office. Canvassing support for LDF candidates for the Lok Sabha election in several areas in Kollam district, Vijayan said Modi is trying to insult the people of Kerala.

LDF Campaign Reaches All

As the polling date draws close, state of political affairs in Kerala explicitly shows that the Left Democratic Front (LDF) has an edge over the UDF and BJP in all 20 parliamentary constituencies, including Wayanad where Congress president Rahul Gandhi is contesting. Kerala votes on April 23.

J&K: Defeat Communal & Authoritarian Modi Govt

ON April 15, the CPI(M) state committee of the Jammu and Kashmir, after its meeting, urged the people to defeat communal and authoritarian Modi government. Urging the people of the state to vote overwhelmingly, as it is important to vote, to defend the identity and special status of people of Jammu and Kashmir in terms of preserving Article 370 and Article 35 A of the constitution, CPI(M) state committee asked the voters to contribute in the process of evicting disastrous, authoritarian and communal government led by Narendra Modi.


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