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Peoples Democracy newsletter

CPI(M) and CPI Begin Joint Election Campaign

AT a largely attended public meeting in Jind on March 17, the general secretaries of CPI(M) and CPI – Sitaram Yechury and S Sudhakar Reddy – launched the joint election campaign of the two communist parties in Haryana.
Sitaram Yechury introduced Sukhbir Singh, CPI(M) candidate from Hissar and Arun Kumar, CPI candidate from Ambala Lok Sabha constituency to the gathering. He urged the people to return the two to the next Lok Sabha if they wanted their demands to be brought to the notice of the highest forum in the country.

Employment: The Truth behind Modi’s Lies

THE Modi government’s disastrous economic policies have pushed India into a furnace of joblessness. Latest CMIE data shows that the unemployment rate in India was 8.6 per cent in the first week of February 2019. This is the highest level since September 2016, that is, in 127 weeks. In February, a report prepared by the NSSO was leaked by a newspaper which showed that the unemployment rate in 2017-18 had hit a 45-year high of 6.1 per cent.

US Dictating to India

HISTORY is repeating itself with the United States dictating whom India should buy oil from. The US had forced India to drastically reduce buying oil from Iran after it imposed unilateral sanctions on Iranian oil trade last year.  Now, the US is back to the business of coercing India to stop buying oil from Venezuela on whom it has imposed illegal sanctions.

Tamil Nadu: CPI(M) Leaders Urge People to Defeat the anti-People BJP and AIADMK

TAMIL NADU, one of the leading developed states in the country is suffering in recent times under the indifferent and vindictive attitude of the central government led by the communal BJP denying the hard-earned rights of the state all along. On its part, the corrupt AIADMK government in the state had no qualms in mortgaging those rights of people just to save their skins. Though numerous struggles were conducted to safeguard the rights of the state, the voices of the people are being muzzled up by these pro-corporate parties.  


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