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Bihar Govt’s Operation ‘Dakhal Dehani’ Has Become ‘Operation Eviction’

THE dastardly bomb attack on a peaceful dharna before Runni Saidpur block headquarter, which claimed the life of Brinda Sahni and left Anaro Devi, a widow, critically injured, has once again proved that the land mafias having open patronage of the ruling parties are hand-in-glove with the local administration in evicting the landless people who have been living on government and ceiling lands for years together.

WEST BENGAL: Two-day March of Determination in Terror Zone

IN another show of defiance, thousands of people joined a two day march in one of the worst terrorised areas of West Bengal. With TMC coming to power in 2011, the entire stretch of Arambagh-Tarakeswar-Goghat in Hooghly district, has turned into terror zone. The area in Hooghly-Bankura border witnessed series of attacks on Left activists and supporters. Almost all CPI(M) and Left parties offices were forcibly closed. Many such offices were seized by the ruling party. Hundreds of houses were attacked and a large number of Left cadres and supporters were forced to leave their living places.

Bangladesh Garment Workers Strike: One Dead, 50 Injured

THOUSANDS of Bangladeshi garment workers churning out clothes for top global brands went on strike on January 13 and clashed with police as protests over low wages entered a second week.

Police said water cannons and tear gas were fired to disperse huge crowds of striking factory workers in Savar, a garment hub just outside the capital Dhaka.

So far 52 factories, including some big ones, have shut down operations due to the protests.

The Week in Parliament

CPI(M) leader P Karunakaran raised the Sabarimala issue in the zero hour . He said it is a historical verdict because it  is to protect the right of the citizens especially the rights of women to go to the temple. Not only we, Uma Bharati, Subramanian Swamy, Maneka Gandhi and many other BJP leaders and the Congress leaders have upheld this verdict. The Congress high command also must disclose their stand on the SC verdict about the rights of all women to go to the temple. The government of Kerala has to protect and keep the verdict.

The Paris Commune-27

ON July 19, 1870, war broke out between France and Prussia. The ruling classes of both countries had long been secretly preparing for it. Marx had long foreseen that the adventurer Napoleon III and the Prussian Junker Bismarck, who was bent on unifying Germany “by blood and iron”, would embark on policies leading to an armed conflict.

Raksha Mantri on HAL & Rafale: Misdirection and Alternative Facts

RAKSHA Mantri Nirmala Sitharaman’s long and tortured statements in the Lok Sabha on January 4 and 7, 2019 during the debate on the Rafale scandal followed the by now well-established pattern of the government’s, and her own, responses to the storm of criticism and charges against the Modi government. These charges were made by a wide range of defence experts, other commentators, eminent concerned citizens and opposition political parties.


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