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Reply to EC’s Letter

SITARAM Yechury, general secretary of Communist Party of India (Marxist) has written a reply to the letter from the chief election commissioner, Election Commission of India on March 30, on the issue of Prime Minister’s address to the nation.  A letter dated March 29, 2019 signed by the principal secretary, Election Commission of India, was received by Yechury regarding the complaint he had made of the prime minister’s address to the nation as being violative of the model code of conduct.

A P: Spectacular Victory of PDF Candidates to Legislative Council

PROGRESSIVE Democratic Front candidates have been elected to the AP state legislative council in the biennial elections held on March 22. KS Lakshmana Rao from Krishna Guntur district graduates’ constituency and I Venkateswara Rao from Godavari districts graduates’ constituency scored impressive victory. They defeated corporate education barons and their representatives. It’s a welcome feature that wide spread discussion has taken place among the teachers, employees and youth against corporatisation of education and health.

Das Kapital, an Immortal Work of Everlasting Relevance - 1

CAPITAL is Marx’s most important work. It is also a work that brings out with the greatest clarity and concreteness the method and standpoint of historical materialism, applying the method systematically to understand the laws of motion of capitalism as a mode of production. There is a great deal that one can learn from reading Capital. First, it teaches us that, to understand a society and its dynamics, one needs to look at it in historical perspective.

Left Exposes TMC-BJP Mock Fight

WHILE the media in Bengal is desperate to frame a Modi-Mamata binary, the Left parties are breaking new grounds with intensive campaign. As the campaign gained momentum, it is amply clear that there is deep resentment, even anger, against TMC government amongst the people. The eight years of stagnation of economy, deep agricultural crisis, lack of jobs and loot by ruling class leaders at every level has sharpened anti-TMC mood.

Empty Coffers: The Legacy that the Modi Govt Will Leave Behind?

ON April 1, 2019, the ministry of finance issued a statement announcing the GST collections for March 2019, the last month of the financial year 2018-19. The statement celebrated what was supposed to be the highest monthly collection since the introduction of GST – Rs 1,06,577 crores. What was, however, left out of the picture was what this collection put the final seal on – namely, that GST revenues for 2018-19 are well below the figure projected even in the revised estimates (RE) presented in the union budget 2019-20 on February 1, 2019.

Strong Advocacy Needed for Development of Science & Technology

“IN India, elections would come and go, new governments take over or the old ones continue. But we need a very committed advocacy group from amongst science and technology community, at different levels,” said D Raghunandan of Delhi Science Forum (DSF), Centre for Technology Development (CTD) and former president of All India People's Science Network (AIPSN).

Wrong Turn in Wayanad

BY deciding to contest a second seat from Wayanad constituency in Kerala, the Congress president Rahul Gandhi has taken a wrong turn.  The argument set out by senior Congress leaders, while making this announcement, was that it is important that the Congress president fight from the South also. They also stated that the BJP is trying to create a communal divide in the southern states too. 

India’s Anti-Satellite Missile: Beyond the Euphoria

NOW, that the excitement and self-congratulatory chest-thumping over India’s successful testing of its anti-satellite missile (ASAT) capability on March 27, 2019 has passed, except of course for continuous misuse in political campaigns by PM Modi, it is time to take a step back and look at the event and its strategic implications with a clearer head and a broader perspective.


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