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Fifty Years since Nationalisation: Banks Face Tough Privatisation Attack

BANK nationalisation is going to complete its fifty years glorious journey playing an unprecedented pivotal role in the all-round development of our country’s economy. Public Sector Banks (PSBs) of our country, as on March 31, 2019, hold a sum of Rs 84.86 lakh crores as deposits. 85 per cent of this amount is from small deposits by common people of our country, who keep their savings in bank accounts, mainly in PSBs to meet their future family requirements. They do not go to the stock market for earning some speculating gains.

Editorial Modi on a One-Way Street

THE image of President Trump speaking to the media in Washington in the presence of Pakistan Prime Minister, Imran Khan, about Modi’s purported request to him to mediate on Kashmir has had a shattering effect. The issue is not whether Modi actually asked Trump to mediate or not, but how this episode has revealed the fiasco that Modi’s foreign policy has turned out to be. 

TAMIL NADU: Revolutionary Homage to Comrade Ashok

A PUBLIC meeting was held in Tirunelveli on July 12, to condemn the killing of Comrade Ashok, district treasurer of DYFI and CPI(M) activist, by caste Hindu goons. The meeting was addressed by CPI(M) general secretary Sitaram Yechury, Tamil Nadu state secretary K Balakrishnan, CPI state secretary R Mutharasan, CPI(ML) Liberation state secretary N K Natarajan, SUCI(C) state secretary A Rengaswamy, DYFI all India president P Mohammed Riyas, DYFI state leaders S Bala, N Rejees Kumar, C Balachandra Bose and others.

Appalling Discrimination against Kerala in Union Budget 2019-20

THE employment guarantee scheme has been one of those government interventions in our country which have been most beneficial to the people. As per last year's revised estimates, the government had sanctioned Rs 61,084 crore for this scheme. But the NDA-II government has allocated only Rs 60,000 crore for the scheme in this year's budget – a reduction of Rs 1,084 crore when compared to the previous budget. Even though the scheme is supposed to provide 100 days of employment per worker, the average days of employment per worker so far is just 46 days.

On the Draft National Policy on Education

ONE cannot but be struck by the tone of smug self-satisfaction that pervades this report, that India was the origin of most great ideas including the Pythagoras theorem and the Fibonacci series, that Indian universities like Nalanda and Taxila were unique and unparalleled institutions, and that Sanskrit has a literature that is larger than Latin and Classical Greek combined, and so on. In fact the report recommends the setting up of a Mission Nalanda and Mission Taxila to revive old glory.

PUBGwale, Culture and Politics

MOBILE gaming or broadly video gaming has caught India like fire. It has become a common sight to find people fiddling with their mobiles in any public place. Even in interactions within a family or closely-knit friends, ‘phubbing’ (the act of ignoring someone you are with, and giving attention to your mobile phone instead) has become common. The spread of internet availability also is making us give more importance to our mobiles than to other forms of social interactions. One of the major pass-times for the young is to play various games on mobiles.

Odisha: Peoples Movement will Resist the Challenges

SITARAM Yechury, general secretary of CPI(M) has called upon the secular democratic forces and the people of the country to meet the challenges thrown by BJP, the political arm of fascistic RSS. He addressed a seminar presided over by Janardan Pati, member of CPI(M) Odisha state secretariat at Bhubaneswar on July 7, on “Challenges before the country in the post election period.”


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