Hundred Days of a Toxic Government

THE Modi government’s second stint in office has completed a hundred days. Though it is a short span of time, the genes of this government have been made starkly clear – an authoritarian regime marked by the fusion of corporate capital and Hindutva.

The past 100 days have seen an unprecedented assault on democracy in Jammu & Kashmir; the denigration of parliament, the subversion of constitutional bodies including the judiciary and the authoritarian onslaught on the opposition and all forms of dissent.

Kashmir: End the Clampdown

A MONTH has elapsed since the security clampdown on Jammu & Kashmir was imposed on August 5.  For 30 days, the people of Kashmir have been deprived of all basic rights. They have been confined to their houses. There is no communication with mobile phone networks, landlines and internet connection closed down; they have no right of movement with barricades being put up in main roads and highways; there is no public transport. 

Dismal Economic Scene

THE bad news about the economy continues to pour in. The deteriorating employment situation is becoming alarming. Around 3.5 lakh jobs have been lost in the automobile sector, with the prospect of more loss of jobs. In the consumer goods segment, the biggest biscuit manufacturer, Parle, has announced that 10,000 jobs may have to be axed. The corporates are utilising the recession to cut jobs and protect their profits.

Nuclear Irresponsibility

THE recent remarks by union defence minister Rajnath Singh with regard to nuclear weapons have set alarm bells ringing. He said that while India has firmly adhered to No First Use (NFU) policy with regard to nuclear weapons in the past, what happens in the future “depends on circumstances”.

All-Round Assault on States’ Rights

WHAT was notable about the spate of legislations presented in the first session of parliament was the hurried manner in which they were passed without any legislative scrutiny.  There was no reference to the standing committees or select committees to get the bills vetted and considered. Using its big majority in the Lok Sabha and the manipulated majority in the Rajya Sabha, none of the bills underwent proper scrutiny.

Editorial Modi on a One-Way Street

THE image of President Trump speaking to the media in Washington in the presence of Pakistan Prime Minister, Imran Khan, about Modi’s purported request to him to mediate on Kashmir has had a shattering effect. The issue is not whether Modi actually asked Trump to mediate or not, but how this episode has revealed the fiasco that Modi’s foreign policy has turned out to be. 

Whither NRC Process in Assam?

THE National Register of Citizens (NRC) process in Assam of enumerating citizens is to reach its completion with the publication of the final list on July 31, as ordered by the Supreme Court.  The way the process has been conducted has raised a host of apprehensions and shown up a great deal of flaws in the matter of including genuine Indian citizens in the Register. 

Karnataka: BJP’s Subversion of Democracy

THE sordid happenings in Karnataka have reached a climax with the resignations of 14 MLAs belonging to the Congress and the JD(S) and two independents who were supporting the coalition. This development has come after a series of attempts by the BJP in the past one year to topple the Kumaraswamy government. The BJP was not reconciled to the fact that it could not run a government with majority support after the 2018 assembly elections, even though it had emerged as the single largest party.


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