India in SCO

INDIA, along with Pakistan, has joined the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) as full members at the Astana Summit meeting held in Kazakhstan. Prime Ministers Narendra Modi and Nawaz Sharif represented their countries on this important occasion. 

Anti-Farmer Stance of BJP Governments

IT is a bitter irony that the  day the news appeared in the newspapers that five farmers were killed in Mandsaur district in Madhya Pradesh due to police firing, the same newspapers carried full page advertisements about the success in the agriculture sector in the three-year rule of the Modi government. 

Farmers in the districts of Mandsaur, Neemuch, Jhabua, Ratlam and Ujjain were on strike and agitating since June 1 for fair prices for their produce and loan waivers.

Damaging the Army’s Image

THE remarks made in an interview by the Army Chief of Staff, General Bipin Rawat, about dealing with civilian protestors in Kashmir exemplifies all that is wrong with the way the Modi government is dealing with the situation there.

Gen. Rawat stated in the interview that: “In fact, I wish these people instead of throwing stones at us, were firing weapons at us, then I would have been happy.  Then I could do what I (want to do)”. 

Withdraw Obnoxious Rules

THE Modi government marked the completion of its three years in office by launching a vicious attack on the right of choice of food and the livelihood of millions of farmers, cattle traders and butchers. On May 25, an amendment to the rules under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act was notified. As per this notification called Regulation on Livestock Markets Rules, 2017, a ban has been imposed on the sale of cattle for slaughter all across India; cattle is defined as bulls, cows, bullocks, buffaloes, steers, heifers, calves and camels.

Defence Production: Perils of Privatisation

THE Modi government is set upon privatising defence production in the country. Both foreign and Indian private companies are being invited to enter defence production and the manufacture of hi-tech weaponary. This has serious implications for national sovereignty and the future course of the country.

The ministry of defence has finalised its new policy for defence production. It has decided to identify six Strategic Partners (SPs) from domestic Indian companies. These companies will partner foreign weapons manufacturers to build defence production enterprises in India.

Strategic Failure in Pakistan Policy

THE beheading of two soldiers, one from the army and the other from the Border Security Force, within the Line of Control in the Poonch sector, is a brutal provocation. Whether the killing and mutilation of the two soldiers was done by the Pakistani army, or by extremists who crossed over with their assistance, it is a barbaric act which goes against all military norms and the Geneva Convention.

Kashmir: Halt Brutal Repression, Begin Talks

THE entire people of Kashmir valley are up in revolt against the Indian State.  This has been vividly brought out in the past week.  The by-election to the Srinagar parliamentary seat saw an abysmal participation with only 7.12 percent of the votes cast. This record low polling was not because of coercion and intimidation, but mainly by the people refusing to participate in the election. Eight young men were killed by the security forces while opposing the elections on the polling day. 


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