Kashmir: Halt Brutal Repression, Begin Talks

THE entire people of Kashmir valley are up in revolt against the Indian State.  This has been vividly brought out in the past week.  The by-election to the Srinagar parliamentary seat saw an abysmal participation with only 7.12 percent of the votes cast. This record low polling was not because of coercion and intimidation, but mainly by the people refusing to participate in the election. Eight young men were killed by the security forces while opposing the elections on the polling day. 

End of a Nuclear Pipe Dream

THE outcome of the Indo-US nuclear deal is now in total disarray.  The nuclear deal was used to cement the strategic alliance between the United States and India.  At the heart of the deal was the promise of full civilian nuclear cooperation extended to India and the quid pro quo was the military alliance coveted by the US which included the purchase of US arms. There was also an overarching framework whereby India’s foreign policy would be dovetailed to US strategic interests on issues such as isolating Iran. 

Portents of UP Elections

THE Uttar Pradesh assembly election has resulted in an unprecedented sweep for the Bharatiya Janata Party. The BJP with its smaller allies has won 325 out of the 403 seats and polled 41.4 percent of the vote which is just fractionally lower than the percentage polled in the Lok Sabha election.

Stop Coercion for Aadhar

THE Modi government is determined to coerce people to join the Aadhar Unique Identification Number by making all sorts of government schemes and services available to citizens only on the basis of Aadhar. 

The latest instance is the notification issued by the human resource development ministry making Aadhar compulsory for children to avail the mid-day meal scheme in government schools. Not only that, all the cooks and staff who administer the mid-day meal scheme will also have to be registered with the Aadhar number.

Persecution of Muslim Youth in Terror Cases

THE sordid and shocking record of the targeting and prosecution of Muslim youth being falsely accused in terror related cases has once again been highlighted by the Delhi High Court’s acquittal of all the three accused in the 2005 serial blasts in Delhi. Two men Mohammad Hussain Fazli and Mohd Rafiq Shah were acquitted of all charges by the Court, while Tariq Ahmed Dar was also found to have no role in the blasts but he was convicted for being a member of a terrorist organisation.


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