Kerala: RSS Tactics Will Not Succeed

THE RSS-BJP game-plan in Kerala has been unfolding after the assembly election in May 2016. Having failed to make a significant impact in the election, it fell back on its longstanding method of launching violent attacks targeting CPI(M) workers all across Kerala. This new round of attacks began on the very day results were declared when a CPI(M) worker, Raveendran, participating in a victory procession in Pinarayi Vijayan’s constituency was killed by RSS goons. 

Build United Struggles for a Credible Alternative

THE political somersault by Nitish Kumar will rank as one of the biggest of its kind in India’s political history which, anyway, is replete with such opportunistic behaviour by bourgeois politicians. 

Nitish Kumar, after the success of the mahagathbandhan in the assembly elections in Bihar in 2015, had become the most prominent advocate of a grand anti-BJP alliance at the national level.  Even as late as in April this year, he had advocated the unity of opposition parties to take on the BJP. He had also appealed to the Congress party to provide the lead.

BJP Corruption Scandals in Kerala

UNDER Narendra Modi’s regime, the BJP has been boasting about the clean record of the government and the ruling party. It has projected a “swach” image in contrast to the corruption-ridden record of the UPA government.

These claims have been made despite the gigantic Vyapam scam in Madhya Pradesh under BJP rule.  This widespread corruption network must rank as one of the biggest scandals ever in a state.  Similarly, there have been many corruption cases occurring in Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh under BJP rule.

India-China: No Other Way, But Talks

THE standoff between India and China on the Doklam Plateau, adjoining the tri-junction between India, China and Bhutan is now a month-old. There have been periodical instances of disagreement on the border in the past years; but this time the Doklam issue has assumed more serious proportions. This is because of the deterioration in the overall relations between the two countries. 

Modi in Trumpland

THE fifth visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the United States, this time for his first official meeting with President Donald Trump, has confirmed the subordinate role that India plays in the US-India strategic relationship.

Why Presidential Contest?

THE nomination of Ram Nath Kovind as the presidential candidate of the BJP alliance confirms the expectation that the RSS would not let this opportunity slip by to place one of its men in the Rashtrapati Bhavan for the first time.

The choice of Kovind is sought to be projected as the concern of the BJP for a dalit to occupy the highest office in the land. But behind this effort to regain  its credibility among the dalits lies the fact that the person  chosen is a follower of the RSS.


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