Republic Day: Resolve to Fight for Citizens Rights

WHEN the pogrom against minorities in Gujarat was raging in 2002, the then President of India, K R Narayanan had remarked to a delegation which met him seeking intervention, that: “The Constitution is not working in Gujarat”.  Narendra Modi was the chief minister of Gujarat at that time.

Now, nearly two decades later and nearly seven years of the prime ministership of Modi, it can be said that the Constitution is not working in large parts of the country and in various sections of the polity.

Towards 2021 with Optimism

THE Latin term `annus horribilis’ (horrible year) has been widely and understandably used to define the year 2020 which had just ended.  This is a natural description of an unprecedented year, which has seen a global pandemic – the corona virus pandemic – the comparable scale of which happened a full century ago when the “Spanish flu” caused worldwide havoc in 1918-1919. 

An Award to a Military Ally

THERE is something curious about the “Legion of Merit” award conferred on Prime Minister Narendra Modi by President Donald Trump.  The Legion of Merit is primarily a military honour bestowed by an American president.  The chief commander category has been in the past given mainly to army chiefs, generals and commander-in-chief of the armed forces of other countries. Only a handful have been given to heads of State, or, government leaders and those too have been close military allies of the United States.

A Resounding Victory in Kerala

THE Local Self-Governing Institutions (LSGI) elections in Kerala have resulted in a resounding victory for the Left Democratic Front.  The LDF has won 11 out of the 14 district panchayats; 108 of the 152 block panchayats; and 514 of the 941 grama panchayats.  The LDF has won five of the six corporations and 35 of the 86 municipalities.


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