Editorial: Crushing Price Rise

THE blight of the pandemic which has caused mass suffering and deaths during the second wave is now compounded by the manifold miseries inflicted on the people by the Modi government.  The people are experiencing unemployment, falling incomes and hunger.  On top of this comes the rising inflation and price rise of essential commodities – a creation of the policies of the government. 

Voodoo Science and Voodoo Economics

AS the peak of the second wave of the Covid pandemic begins to slowly recede, the havoc wreaked on lakhs of families has been occupying the attention of the whole country. There is widespread dismay and anger at the way the health emergency caught the Modi government unprepared. Its mishandling and unscientific attitude turned it into a catastrophe for the people. 

End Israeli Aggression, Free Palestine

THE Israeli attacks on Palestinians in Jerusalem and the Israeli aggression on Gaza are not disparate or coincidental events. They are part of the long war waged by the Israeli State against the Palestinian people – in the occupied territories of Gaza and the West Bank and the suppression of Arab-Palestinians within the pre-1967 boundaries of the state of Israel.

Kerala: A Significant Victory

THE Left Democratic Front (LDF) government in Kerala has been re-elected to office with a big mandate. This is a significant election in many respects.

The first significant aspect of the election is that this is the first time after 1977 that an incumbent government has been re-elected in Kerala.

The Scandal that is the Modi Government

THE Covid-19 tragedy that is unfolding in India is of truly epic proportions.  There is the scandal of people dying because of lack of oxygen in hospitals; there is the scandal of lack of hospital beds and medicines; there is the scandal of deaths due to Covid being covered up and there is the scandal of the vaccine shortage and profiteering sanctioned by the government. But the biggest scandal of all is the Modi government itself.

The Vishwaguru that Failed

The Modi-Shah duo are criminally responsible for the havoc caused by the Second Wave

THE Covid-19 cases crossed over 2,34,000 on April 17, the very day Narendra Modi addressed an election rally in Asansol, West Bengal, where he congratulated the people for coming in large numbers and declared that he had not seen such crowds in a rally before. 


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