Memorandum to the President of India

A FIVE-member delegation comprising Rahul Gandhi (Indian National Congress), Sharad Pawar (Nationalist Congress party), Sitaram Yechury (Communist Party of India (Marxist)), D Raja (Communist Party of India) and TKS Elangovan (Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam) submitted a memorandum to the president of India, on December 9, on the ongoing struggle of the farmers. Due to restrictions of Covid protocol, only a five-member delegation was permitted to meet the president of India.

Unprecedented Bharat Bandh brought different sections of the People Together

Tamil Nadu
EXTENDING active support to the protesting farmers under various kisan organisations near the national capital Delhi, all political parties of Tamil Nadu and their mass organisations, with the exception of AIADMK and BJP raised their voices demanding the repeal of three farm laws enacted by the autocratic Modi government at the centre.

The Strike and Solidarity

HISTORICAL struggles of the workers and peasants have been unfolding during the last few days since the countrywide general strike called by the joint trade union movement on November 26, and the call for Delhi chalo and countrywide protest actions by the joint kisan movement on November 26-27.

Tripura: Workers-peasants unity must be further bolstered

“CALL of the hour is to further cement the worker-peasant unity. The farmers of the country are lending support to the workers' movement and vice versa the workers stand in solidarity with the movement of the peasants. Both these major sections must complement to the causes of one another. That would inspire the other oppressed sections to mobilise in the mainstream of struggles.

Telangana: Successful General Strike in the State

THE call for a general strike by central trade unions, peasants and agricultural workers unions became a success in Telangana on November 26th. Statewide publicity for the 2020 strike was widespread. In response to amendments to labour, agricultural laws, the Grameen Bandh also came along and as a reflection of the peasant-worker alliance, both the peasants and the working class responded in an unprecedented way.

UTTAR PRADESH: Horrifying Tragedy

THE village of Bhadras, home to about 4000 families is barely 30 kilometres from Kanpur.  The ‘chamar tola’ is located just at the entrance of the village and, when an AIDWA delegation comprising Seema (state general secretary), Neelam (district p resident) and I went there on November 19, we met most of the male inhabitants gathered around an open courtyard which is also the place where the children of the tola play.  About 25-30 houses make up the tola.

AP: Engels Bicentenary Observed in Andhra Pradesh

FREDERICK Engels’ bicentenary was observed throughout Andhra Pradesh. The district and local units of CPI(M) and the leaders of Left parties paid tributes at the statue of Marx and Engels at Vijayawada. V Srinivasa Rao, Central Committee Member of CPI(M) explained about the relevance of the literature and the work of Marx and Engels for the emancipation of the proletariat. He narrated about the friendship of Marx and Engels and said that their efforts are inseparable and the literature has to be taken to the people in a big way.


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