Appeal of the First Displaced from the Kashmir Valley

Below we reproduce the verbatim address of Mohammad Yousuf Tarigami whilst addressing a press conference in Srinagar. He was referring to the venom being spread in the guise of a film-‘Kashmir Files’, released recently. Some of the words he used are in Urdu which continues to remain in the text, however with an English translation.

APPEAL of the first Kashmiri who was displaced: Now stop it; everyone who died was a Kashmiri, stop dividing people’s tears and cashing on their tragedies.

Karnataka: Peoples Alternative Budget Session Held

A THREE-DAY (March 21-24) ‘Peoples Alternative Budget Session’ was held at Freedom Park, Bangalore. It was organised by Samyukta Horata Karnataka – a coordination committee of peasants, workers, dalits, students, youth, and mahila organisations.  Ruling party governments do not have any pro-people orientation. No discussion or debate takes place on any vital issue concerning people in the budget session of Karnataka legislature.

An Unfortunate Judgement

THE Karnataka High Court judgement is a blow against the universal right to education without discrimination, guaranteed by the law and the constitution of India. There are many questionable aspects of the judgement. By upholding the admittedly flawed order of the Karnataka government which virtually prohibits the use of hijab in classrooms, its immediate effect would be to push out young Muslim women from educational institutions in Karnataka.

AP: Red Books Day Observed Enthusiastically

RED books day was observed enthusiastically by the CPI(M) leaders, cadres and followers throughout Andhra Pradesh.  Prajasakti and Visalandhra publishing houses jointly conducted a meeting in Vijayawada at the Marx Engels statue square. Left intellectuals and sympathizers took part in the programmes at many places. CPI(M) district committee offices, mass organisations’ offices and Prajasakti book shops and various others totaling to 117 were decorated with flex banners propagating Marxist literature, with photos and popular quotations of great leaders.


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