Aug 15: Lakhs Join Tiranga Rallies as PM Rolls Out Lies and Deceits

WHILE Prime Minister Narendra Modi was rolling out more than even his usual quota of lies, deceits and jumlas in his speech at the Red Fort, India's 75th Independence Day on August 15, 2021 was marked by lakhs of farmers and workers organising huge Tiranga Yatras on ‘Kisan Mazdoor Azaadi Sangram Diwas’ all over India, including at the protest sites at Delhi's borders.

Monsoon Session of Parliament: A Blatant Assault on Democracy

MONSOON session of the Parliament that concluded on August 12, 2021, revealed the undemocratic and anti-constitutional face of the BJP government. It revealed the levels of intolerance this government has towards the parliamentary proceedings and debates, which are the basic building blocks of Indian democracy. At least 20 bills were passed without discussion and voting. New anti-people legislations were bulldozed on a daily basis and were passed without discussion by suppressing the voice of dissent.

Tripura: Determined People Exert Their Might

AMID suffocating atmosphere prevailing in the state, where democratic movements are meted with repression, the people of Tripura have once again shaken the state with the slogan “BJP Hatao, DeshBachao”  on August 9, 2021. In response to the call of the joint forum of central trade unions and SamjuktaKishanMorcha, the programme was launched in the state jointly by several mass and class organisations namely AIKS, CITU, Agri workers union, Ganamukti Parishad, women’s, youth and students’ organisations.

Lakhs Hit Streets in August 9 Struggle

AUGUST 9, 2021, was a truly memorable day. The vibrancy and determination of the Left movement was on full display throughout India. Lakhs of people were mobilised by Left class and mass fronts AIKS, CITU, AIAWU, AIDWA, DYFI, SFI, and also by other progressive forces, in hundreds of districts in 25 states across India on the slogan of 'Save India’ from corporate Hindutva, comprising the bankrupt BJP-RSS regime and its unholy alliance with the rapacious corporate lobby.

DELHI: Take Action against BJP Leader for Inflammatory Slogans

THE Communist Party of India (Marxist) Delhi state secretary, K M Tiwari, sought police action against former BJP-Delhi spokesperson Ashwini Upadhyay for being the organiser of the August 8th Jantar Mantar meeting in which inflammatory slogans were raised against minorities. He had written to Rakesh Asthana, commissioner of police, on August 9, seeking his intervention.

Workers Lauded for Observing ‘Save India Day’ on Aug 9

THE workers of India have observed ‘Save India Day’ on August 9 in over a lakh locations across the country over 14 demands including the demand to scrap the anti-worker labour codes and anti-people farm laws and Electricity Amendment Bill. Despite the lockdown restrictions, workers have participated in the protest programmes as per the call given by the Joint Platform of Central Trade Unions, and Independent Federations and Associations. The trade unions had observed August 9 as ‘Save India Day’ in 2020 also.


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