Kerala’s Response to Covid-19

IT was in the latter half of December 2019 that the cause of an illness that was spreading across Wuhan city in the Hubei province of China was ascertained to be a novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2. Now, almost three months later, the coronavirus disease, COVID-19, has affected 195 countries and territories across the world, ie, the entire world has been gripped by the pandemic.

COVID-19 Containment Measures in Full Swing in Kerala

THE people and the Left Democratic Front (LDF) in Kerala had put up a united fight against the deadly Nipah virus when it gripped the state two years ago and earned laurels for their efforts. In a similar fashion, as per the directions of the LDF government, the state healthcare network has been working in full swing as soon as the first case of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) was reported. So far, 24 cases were reported in the state and most of the patients are stable.

DELHI: Stupendous Relief Effort

THE volunteers under the banner of the Delhi Solidarity Relief and Rehabilitation Committee have reached out to as many as 25-30,000 people through the relief work in the riot affected North-East Delhi. It has finished surveys in more than 350 households to assess the loss incurred due to riots. The preliminary analysis from the survey would hopefully provide us a correct picture of the material damage the violence has inflicted upon people. The survey was done with the help of more than 250 volunteers.

CPI(M) Offers Relief Fund to Riot Victims

A delegation of the CPI(M) led by general secretary Sitaram Yechury along with members of Delhi Solidarity Relief and Rehabilitation Committee visited the families of those killed in the riots and offered relief.

CPI(M) provided financial assistance to family members of Faizan, Prem Singh, Mohammad Shahban, Ashfaq Hussain and Ali Amir Khan.

The delegation included Polit Bureau member Brinda Karat, Central Committee member and AIKS president Ashok Dhawale, Delhi state secretary of CPI(M) K M Tiwari, CITU Delhi general secretary Anurag Saxena and Phoolkant Mishra and others.

Telangana: Conspiracy to Change into a Theocratic State.

THE central government is conspiring to change the country into a theocratic state said T Veerabhadram, state secretary of CPI(M). The government is asking people to prove their citizenship, which is shameful, he said. For proving the citizenship even Aadhar card is also not accepted. In Siddipet district, under the chairmanship of district secretary, Amudala Mallareddy, a public meeting was organised on March 5.  Veeerabhadram, while speaking in the rally said that there is no benefit to the people out of NRC, CAA, and NPR.


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