SKM Calls for Countrywide Candle Marches & Rail Roko Stir

AFTER the massive nationwide success of the road blockades (chakka jaam) on February 6, and the series of mahapanchayats in various states in North India, both actions that mobilised lakhs of farmers against the adamant and heartless BJP government at the centre, the Samyukta Kisan Morcha (SKM) in its meeting held on February 10 gave a multiple call for intensifying the countrywide struggle for the repeal of the three farm laws and for an MSP law. Over 200 farmers have been martyred at the Delhi borders during the last 75 days of this struggle.

UNION BUDGET 2021-22: RESPONSES OF MASS ORGANISATIONS: Pro-Corporate and Anti-People Union Budget

THE union budget 2021-22, once again proved that the Narendra Modi government is not ready to change its policies of impoverishing the people, and enriching the crony corporates. The government is completely surrendering to the corporates and imposing slavery on the working class as well as the peasantry. Below we publish the statements issued by various mass organisations, on the union budget.


National Convention on Unemployment

A NATIONAL CONVENTION on ‘Unemployment, Job Losses and Deteriorating Quality of Employment’ was held jointly by the Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU), Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI) and Students' Federation of India (SFI) at BTR Bhawan in Delhi on February 2, 2021. More than 300 delegates from across the country, comprising the national and state leadership of the three organisations, participated in the convention. Hemalata, Mohd Riyas and VP Sanu, presidents of CITU, DYFI and SFI respectively presided over the convention.

Massive Repression, Glorious Defiance

SUCH fascistic State repression has never been witnessed in India for the last several decades. In the wake of the BJP-RSS government-sponsored conspiracy of violence on Republic Day, that was outlined in these columns last week, the Modi regime has begun a massive crackdown on the historic farmers’ struggle, which will soon complete 75 days. The government and its police have now turned the three farmers’ protest sites at Singhu, Tikri and Ghazipur into open jails. The ‘annadatas’ of our country are being treated as foreign invaders.

AP: Overwhelming Public Support to Farm Protests

AN overwhelming response from the people of Vijayawada to the Farmers' Solidarity Fund, collected by the Farmers' Struggle Solidarity Committee on January 25, showed that the farmers protesting in Delhi are not alone in their struggle and that they have the wider support of the people. About 600 activists belonging to various mass organisations, in 250 batches, have met nearly 40,000 people and collected an amount of Rs 4,01,652 in 400 hundis.

MAHARASHTRA: Massive Mass Actions Strengthen Farmers Struggle

FROM January 23-26, massive mass actions took place in Maharashtra to further strengthen the nationwide farmers struggle for the repeal of the three hated farm laws and for a law to guarantee MSP and procurement.

From December 21-25, 2020, over 1,000 peasants from several districts, led by the AIKS Maharashtra unit, had led a five-day vehicle march from Nashik to Delhi, which stayed at the Shahjahanpur border for a week.

Anganwadi Workers Hold Protests

On January 22, thousands of anganwadi workers and helpers observed protest day throughout the country against the callous attitude of the government of India towards the increasing malnutrition in the country and the issues of anganwadi workers and helpers. Efforts are made by the NDA I and II governments to weaken the Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) Scheme by continuous budget cuts and privatisation.

Enthusiastic Rallies across the Country against Farm Laws

Below we publish reports from some of the states on the various programmes held against the farm laws on January 26.

Sending a strong message against the central government which is trying to sell off the farm sector to corporate forces through the anti-farmer farm laws, people of Kerala have came onto the streets in protest, on the Republic Day. The protest marches were held all over the state expressing solidarity to the farmers’ rally held in Delhi.


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