TRIPURA: BJP Turns Panchayat By-election into a Mockery of Democracy

UNDER the terror regime of the BJP, the panchayat by-elections held in Tripura has become a mockery of democracy. The BJP hooligans, who have intimidated, destroyed properties and physically tortured Left members to withdraw nominations from the earlier panchayat elections, in a similar fashion have prevented the Left candidates from filing nominations in the by-elections. The police, once again limited themselves to being silent spectators.

Adhikar Jatra Starts in Bengal

RED to yellow, blue to white- flags of many colours have merged in procession, as people’s jatha is walking through the streets of West Bengal. ‘Adhikar Jatra’, the march of Bengal Provincial Mass Organisations has started from Coochbehar on September 11. The main jatha will crisscross through northern Bengal and will culminate in a rally in Maldaha on October 1. Another jatha will start from Baharampur and finally reach Kolkata on October 3. Apart from these, jathas will march in every district; in fact in every area.

KERALA FLOOD RELIEF: Massive Response to Call for Donations

People of Kerala have wholeheartedly contributed a mammoth amount of Rs 26,43,22,778 to a hundi collection organised by  the CPI(M). The amount has been deposited to Chief Minister's Distress Relief Fund by respective CPI(M) area committee secretaries. The first phase of collection was organised on August 19-20. Flood affected districts and areas were exempted on those days. Collection in these areas was organised in the later days. 


District-wise breakup: 


Kasaragod: 1,34,12,490

Kannur: 7,84,42,969

Wayanad: 35,00,000

Contract hostel workers agitate for job security, government yields.

About 6,000 outsource government hostel workers, whose services were terminated by the previous Congress government in Karnataka, resumed their work after their eight-day mass dharna at Freedom Park in Bengaluru, Karnataka lead to victory.The workers held mass dharna for eight days and seven nights along with their family members. Theor main demand was provision of job security, as was in the past, till they attain the age of retirement.

When Amdanga Resisted

Three villages in Amdanga in North 24 Parganas created a new blood-soaked chapter of fierce attack by the ruling party and steadfast resistance by the villagers. Amdanga, a traditional strong base of the Lefts, had gone through many attacks, terrorisation in last seven years of TMC rule. Many a times, the menfolk of the villages had to stay outside, with their livelihood threatened.

Kerala: Massive Cleaning Drive

IN a massive cleanliness drive throughout the state of Kerala, lakhs of people gathered under the banner of CPI(M) in every street to clear off the garbage accumulated in public spaces. This initiative taken by the Party ahead of the monsoon season is to ward off the threat of epidemics that may result due to the monsoon season with garbage piled up in many places

This pre-monsoon cleaning drive reflected the mass base and well knit organisational strength of CPI(M). Participating volunteers all over the state pledged to save the people from falling ill.

ANDHRA PRADESH: Policy Alternative is the Need of the Hour

‘A POLICY alternative is needed now , not an alternative leader’, said Subhashini Ali, Polit Bureau member of CPI(M) while inaugurating a bus jatha at Anantapuram district of Andhra Pradesh on August 29. CPI and CPI(M) state committees have decided to mobilise people around a political alternative on the basis of policies that are different from those of BJP,TDP, Congress and YSRCP. The parties conducted series of conventions at state level, of various classes and sections of people, from June to August.


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