AIDWA Demands TN Govt to Appeal against Acquittal of Honour Crime Accused

THE All India Democratic Women's Association, in a statement issued on June 23, has expressed shock at the Madras High Court's judgement on the appeal regarding the honour killing of Udumalai Sankar, Tamil Nadu acquitting the main accused.  It is to be recalled that Kausalya, who belongs to the socially dominant BC (Thevar) community, had married Shankar, a dalit youth of Udumalpet in Tiruppur district, in 2015. On March 13, 2016, the couple was brutally attacked by a three-member gang near Udumalpet town bus stand.

Lakhs Participate in June 16 Protest

Lakhs of people participated in the June 16 protest programme called by the Party demanding relief to the people who are badly hit by the Corona crisis and the resultant lockdown. These protests were held across the country observing the regulations and restrictions prevailing in each area, maintaining physical distancing, wearing protective masks etc.

WB: Left on Streets

AS union home minister Amit Shah was busy delivering his ‘election special’ speech for West Bengal, Left activists came out into the streets to protest against the incompetence of both the central and state governments in dealing with the situation arising out of Covid-19, as well as safeguarding peoples’ livelihood.

Telangana Formation Day Observed

ONLY communism has the power to solve people's problems, asserted the leaders of various Left parties who spoke at an online public meeting organised on ‘Telangana Formation Day- People's Demands Day’, on June 2. They said that the Kerala government led by the Left Democratic Front had set an example by effectively combating the Covid-19 pandemic while the BJP government miserably failed in doing so and has surrendered to the pressures of the corporates during the crisis period.

Agri Workers Protest for Food, Work & Social Security

AGRICULTURE workers organised protests throughout the country on June 4 to demand food, work and social security for the rural masses in the times of crises. The protest demonstrations were organised from village to district level in 15 states. Through this struggle rural proletariat raised their demands and conveyed its message clear and loud: the wealth of the country belongs to its people and we shall have it; we need food, employment, education, health and social security for people.

Uttar Pradesh – Reality Check

UTTAR Pradesh is always in the news.  Most recently, several laudatory articles appeared in the national press praising the measures taken by the strongman chief minister to deal with the corona crisis.  Some of the sheen was lost, however, when a video in which the principal of the GSVM Medical College, Kanpur, one of the foremost medical institutions of north India, rants against first the Jamaatis whom she refers to as ‘terrorists’ who do not deserve hospitalisation and treatment.  She goes on to castigate the entire minority community.  While our Party


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