Tripura: On TTAADC Election outcome

TRIPURA Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council election was held on April 6, and counting of the election was held on April 10th.  Out of 28 seats, the newly emerged TIPRA (Tripura Indigenous Progressive Regional alliance) led by the grandson of the last king of the state, Pradyot Kishore Debbarman bagged 18 seats securing an absolute majority, ruling BJP won 9 and one independent supported by BJP won one seat.

Kerala: Timely intervention and Planning made the State Oxygen Surplus

CHETAN Kumar, also known as Chetan Ahimsa, is a Kannada film actor, public intellectual, and political activist, has written on his Facebook page: “Amidst the horror of India's lack of oxygen, the state of Kerala is a shining model. Kerala learned from the Covid crisis; spent money on oxygen factories; increased oxygen supply by 58 per cent; now supplying oxygen to Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Goa. Kerala is a model state and a real role model. For those who ask ‘if not Modi, who? Google Pinarayi Vijayan.”

Farmers at Delhi Borders Play Stellar Role in Helping People in Distress

IN the wake of the murderous second wave of the Covid pandemic, which has thoroughly exposed the all-around bankruptcy of the criminal Modi-Shah regime across the country and the world, the farmers at the Delhi borders are playing a stellar role in helping thousands of people in distress. This has put in sharp relief the remarkably sensitive and humanitarian aspects of the historic farmers’ struggle, which completed five months on April 26.

Ensure Oxygen, Free Vaccines

IN the background of the ravaging pandemic and stories of helplessness in getting vaccines, oxygen beds, medicines, Sitaram Yechury, general secretary of the CPI(M) wrote a letter to the prime minister on April 24, 2021 demanding his immediate intervention.

Below we present the text of the letter:

Dear Minister Harshvardhan, is there anyone you can thank now?

S VENKATESAN, Member of Parliament of CPI(M) from Madurai has written to the union health minister, Harsha Vardhan questioning the country’s preparedness to handle the surging demand for medical oxygen in the country. He cited the example of his work in his constituency,  how he worked alongwith the district administration to ensure enough supply in his district.

Covid-19 Second Wave: An Unprecedented Crisis Inflicted by Govt Hubris, Mishandling

INDIA is reeling under a devastating second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, with thousands of people being thrown from pillar to post for hospital beds and supply of medical oxygen and life-saving medicines. The country’s daily infection tally and death toll have surpassed previous highs and are touching new peaks. SOS calls from patients, relatives and even hospitals for the supply of oxygen and essential medicines have fallen on deaf ears.

West Bengal: Determined Intensive Campaign by Morcha

THE spurge in Covid pandemic has added new features in electioneering in West Bengal. Sanjukta Morcha led the way by declaring that it would not organise big rallies anymore, except for the few which was decided much earlier. Morcha campaign, on the contrary, has turned more intensive, door to door following Covid rules. Both BJP and TMC have initially mocked the decision, and leaders of both parties continued with their mass meetings. The prime minister has even boasted of a ‘huge’ gathering in his rally while the entire country was suffering from galloping cases.

Shaheed Memorial being rebuilt at Wagah ( Indo – Pak ) Border

AN organisation by the nameFolklore Research Academy(FRA)is active in Amritsar for the last more than 25 years. This organisation is dedicated to the cause of Indo –Pak friendship, cultural exchange between the two parts of Punjab ( East and West ) on both sides of the border, maintenance of peace and brotherhood and other noble causes. Prominent writers, journalists, intellectuals,  artists and other professionals of Pakistan and India have been closely related with this organisation. It is constantly active to pursue its above-mentioned objectives.

SKM will counter ‘Operation Clean’ with ‘Operation Shakti’

WITH the second wave of the Covid pandemic devastating the country, and the criminally culpable BJP central government under Narendra Modi and Amit Shah shamelessly lifting its hands off its responsibility of helping the people and the states to combat it, an extremely macabre situation has arisen. Thousands of helpless people are dying – without hospital beds, without oxygen, without ventilators, without medicines, and also without vaccines. All over the country, there are reports of long serpentine queues for crematoriums and cemeteries.

Rajasthan: Farmers Jointly Observe Roza-Iftar and Navami

THE farmers' movement and picketing continued  for the 129th consecutive day at Shahjahanpur border.
The unity of farmers was seen in an unprecedented manner. Both Muslim and Hindu festivals were observed by the farmers. The eighth day of Roza Iftar on Shahjahanpur-Kheda border continued on April 21. The farmers jointly performed Rosa-Iftar and also celebrated Navratra and Navami.


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