Historic Victory for United Kisan Struggle

THERE are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen. In keeping with this adage, Indian kisans wrote a new chapter in history defying all prophecies of imminent defeat and canards claiming that the united kisan movement was petering out. The united kisan struggle with the unprecedented support of the working class and the masses has won a historic victory forcing the arrogant Narendra Modi led BJP government to bend down on its knees, tender an apology to farmers and announce the decision to repeal the three anti-farmer acts.

Will the Court Directives Stop Lynching of Democracy in Tripura?

THE safety and security of voters has become a prime issue of concern in the ongoing civic body elections in Tripura. Given the desperate aggressive moves of the ruling BJP right from the nominations to the election campaign in the recent urban body elections where the violence of the BJP activists was compounded by the inaction and abetment by the police, the voters are worried if they would even be allowed to cast their vote. 

TRIPURA: Organisational Conferences Vow to Fight Back Terror Regime

THE grave terror situation in BJP-ruled Tripura has by this time attracted the attention of the entire country. Democratic rights of common people are denied and trampled down; any dissenting voice is muted by rude force. Media persons, intellectuals and even doctors, engineers and officers – all are under wrath of the ruling party miscreants. In a word, Indian constitution is just not in operation in this tiny state of Tripura. CPI(M), being the prime opposition force has to bear the brunt of the attack most.

Historic Farmers’ Struggle Wins Over Corporate Communalism

IT was an epic first victory of the one year long historic struggle of the farmers of India over corporate communalism, as represented by the Modi-Shah-led BJP-RSS central government and its alliance with foreign and domestic corporates, represented by the two ace crony corporates Ambani and Adani. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s nationally televised address to the country on November 19, 2021 to coincide with the Guru Nanak Jayanti, agreeing to repeal all the three hated farm laws was a stinging defeat for all of them.

General Council of CITU: Get Ready for the Two Days Countrywide General Strike!

THE first meeting of CITU general council concluded with a clarion call to the working class of India to get ready for the two days’ country wide general strike called by the joint platform of trade unions from the national convention held in the national capital Delhi on November 11, 2021. The national convention decided that the general strike will be held during the budget session of parliament. The exact dates will be announced soon.

TN: Kadar Tribals Get House Pattas in Ancestral Tiger Sanctuary

FOR the first time in the history of Tamil Nadu, tribes of Kadar community have legally reclaimed their ancestral land in Anamalai Tiger Sanctuary in Coimbatore district. The three-year struggle of the tribes has borne fruit with the intervention of CPI(M).

In 2019, the houses of 23 Kadar families living in Kallaar were razed to the ground. Though there were no casualties in the accident, they lost their livelihoods and shelter and have been petitioning the district administration for an alternative location. 

Tripura: CPI(M) Protests Police Inaction

THE CPI(M) staged a protest in front of the Tripura Police headquarters on November 15, demanding the arrest of BJP-backed miscreants. Party state secretary Jitendra Chowdhury sharply criticised the role of some high-ranking officers, including the director general of police. He made it clear that in the last three-and-a-half years, democracy has been undermined by the incompetence and callousness of the state government and some high-ranking officers of the police department. The rule of law is completely doomed.


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