Telangana: Defeat the Modi dispensation and protect secular democracy

SITARAM Yechury, general secretary of the Communist Party of India (Marxist), and other leaders of the Party reiterated that it is the bounden duty of every patriot in the country to unitedly fight against and defeat the BJP government at the centre at the hustings to the Lok Sabha to protect secular democracy, religious harmony, the constitution and federalism.

Karnataka Should Revive Its Renaissance & Progressive Ethos: Pinarayi Vijayan

WHEN we are celebrating 75 years of independence, our country is ruled by the very forces which never participated in the freedom struggle and are now undermining the cherished values of democracy and secularism. Karnataka which has a great tradition of renaissance and progressive ethos is now under attack from these communal forces. Karnataka should revive its ethos and defeat the attempts of converting it into a testing ground of communalism in south India, CPI(M) Polit Bureau Member and Kerala Chief Minister, Pinarayi Vijayan said.

Demonstration Held in Srinagar against price rise and other demands

ON September 17, the Press Colony in Srinagar, located a short walk away from historic Lal Chowk, teemed with hundreds of CPI (M) workers carrying placards and banners.  Soon the area reverberated with slogans denouncing the wrong and repressive policies of the   BJP government. The demonstration was held as part of the CPI (M) nationwide programme against price rise, unemployment, attacks on the working class, peasants, apple growers, and democratic rights of the people. The workers, well-nigh, from all the districts of Kashmir, participated in the demonstration.

TN: Seminar on ‘Save Constitution’ Held in Chennai

THE AILU Tamil Nadu state committee conducted a seminar on "Save Constitution" at Bar Council Meeting Hall in the high court premises in Chennai on September 17.Around 500 advocates participated in it.

The seminar was addressed by H N Nagamohan Das, former judge of Karnataka High Court and S Peter Alphonse, ex-MP and chairman of the State Minorities Commission, Tamilnadu.

Telangana: Polluted Musi River Puts Lives at Stake

ONCE considered a lifeline, the Musi River in Telangana has now turned into a stream of toxic liquids and effluents. Starting in the Anantagiri hills in Vikarabad district, the Musi joins the Krishna River in Vadavalli in Nalgonda district. It fulfils the drinking water and irrigation needs of the people of Hyderabad, Rangareddy, and the united Nalgonda districts. Historically linked with the lives of the people of these districts, the river’s water was pristine clear even 40 years ago. But now, the water is toxic. Who is responsible for this?

Political Developments in Bihar & Its Significance

BIHAR has put its first step forward by thwarting the oft-repeated calculated game of the BJP to swallow its smaller partners and usurp the power in different opposition-ruled states. Having tasted its own bitter medicine, it has started vomiting choicest abuses against Nitish Kumar, a long-time ally of the NDA whom the BJP was praising sky high as the true inheritor of Lohiaite anti-Congressism.


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