TELANGANA: Forging Stronger Ties: The Way Forward for the Struggle Ahead

THE recently conducted elections in the University of Hyderabad have been an important milestone in the struggle against the authoritarian and divisive politics of the BJP at the centre and the ABVP in the campuses across the country. Now, one might be tempted to ask the question, “What is so special about the UOH elections?” Every students’ union election at any university or college is bound to have its own significance.

CC COMMUNIQUE: Onward to Struggles

THE Central Committee of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) met in New Delhi from October 2 to 4, 2019. It has issued the following statement:


The Central Committee congratulated the people of Pala assembly for electing the candidate of the Left Democratic Front. This is an unprecedented victory. Considered a UDF stronghold, the LDF snatched this sitting UDF seat in the face of a big campaign mounted against the LDF and its government in Kerala.

Strong Protest against NRC in West Bengal

TENS of thousands of people in West Bengal have come to the streets against NRC proposal at the call of CPI(M) and the Left parties. CPI(M) and the Left have called public rallies, meetings, protest demonstrations on the question of important issues of livelihood of the people. Apart from other issues, NRC or the prospect of it being implemented in West Bengal too has become the focal point of concern among large sections of the people. BJP leaders in West Bengal have consistently threatened to implement NRC in the state too with clear communal overtone.

AIDWA Delegation meets Rape Victim

AN AIDWA delegation comprising Brinda Karat, Subhashini Ali, and other UP leaders; Seema Katiyar-secretary, Neelam Tiwari-joint secretary, Sudha Singh-vice president, Malti Yadav, Pushpa and Maimoona (Delhi) visited Shahjahanpur UP on September 26. 

Brinda Karat accompanied the family of the rape survivor to the Shahjahanpur district jail and met her. In a terrible act of inhumanity, she was arrested on September 25 on charges of extortion etc., brought against her by rape accused, a former BJP central minister, Chinmayanand. 

Maharashtra: CPI(M) Releases First list of Candidates

THE CPI(M) Maharashtra state committee has announced the first list of four candidates for the ensuring assembly elections for the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly. The names of the candidates are as:

1. Solapur Central               Narasayya Adam

2. Kalwan (ST)                      J P Gavit

3.Nashik West                      Dr D L Karad

4.Dahanu (ST)                     Vinod Nikole

The Party has stated that the main objectives of the CPI(M) in this election are:

Haryana: AIDWA State Conference

THE 10th Haryana state conference of AIDWA was held on August 31-September1 at Bhiwani on the issues of drug abuse, liquor menace, patriarchal ideology manifesting in various formsand other issues confronting the people and the women in particular.

The open session was presided over by Shakuntala Jhakhad, state president of AIDWA and Shubha who is a famous poet and writer.

Kerala: LDF Wins Pala By-Election

IN Pala an assembly constituency which always stood with right wing especially with late K M Mani founder leader of Kerala Congress, LDF registered an emphatic victory in a by-election held on September 23. LDF’s nominee, Mani C Kappan, won with 2,943 votes. The election was necessitated due to the death of K M Mani who was the representative of Pala for last 54 years. In 2016 Mani won with a margin of 4,703 votes. In this election, NCP leader and LDF candidate, Mani C Kappan bagged 54,137 votes while UDF candidate Jose Tom got 51,194. NDA candidate, G Hari gets 18,044 votes.

HKS Surjeet Bhawan Inaugurated Permanent Party School to Train Cadres

H K S SURJEET Bhawan was inaugurated on October 2, 2019 at New Delhi. The bhawan will be a permanent party school for the cadres to be trained in the science of Marxism. The flag hoisting at the Surjeet Bhawan was done by S R Pillai, senior most Polit Bureau member of the CPI(M). The statute of Comrade  H K S Surjeet was unveiled by Biman Bose-PB member and the official inauguration of the building was done by Sitaram Yechury-general secretary of the Party.

Haryana: CPI(M) to Contest 7 Seats

THE following candidates were announced by the CPI(M) Haryana state committee for the ensuing state assembly elections.

1. Suresh Kumar                                 Adampur

2. Jagtar Singh                                                Tohana

3. Julana                                              Ramesh Chander

4. Bhiwani Khera®                             Ram Mehar (SC)

5. Kalanaur®                                       Kamlesh-woman(SC)


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