Uttar Pradesh – Reality Check

UTTAR Pradesh is always in the news.  Most recently, several laudatory articles appeared in the national press praising the measures taken by the strongman chief minister to deal with the corona crisis.  Some of the sheen was lost, however, when a video in which the principal of the GSVM Medical College, Kanpur, one of the foremost medical institutions of north India, rants against first the Jamaatis whom she refers to as ‘terrorists’ who do not deserve hospitalisation and treatment.  She goes on to castigate the entire minority community.  While our Party

WEST BENGAL: Lefts on the Street with Peoples’ Demands

Apart from providing succour to distressed, running community kitchens, providing relief to Amphan victims, the Left parties in West Bengal have organised protest movements highlighting peoples’ demands. On the one hand, the central government is sharpening its attack on peoples’ livelihood; on the other the state government has shown a paralysed reaction to both Covid-19 and recent cyclone. The Left parties have raised peoples’ issues through demonstrations and symbolic protests.

Trade Unions Seek ILO Intervention to Prevent Labour Laws Dilution in India

TEN largest Central Trade Unions (CTUs) in India, including the Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU), have filed a complaint with the International Labour Organisation (ILO) against the Indian government for unilaterally suspending the country’s labour laws. The CTUs sought powerful and effective intervention to prevail upon the Government of India to refrain from such an exercise.

West Bengal: Three Tasks

LEFT activists in West Bengal are performing three difficult tasks simultaneously. While they are making efforts to cater to hundreds of poor and marginal people in the lockdown period, they also helped the migrants stranded in other states and tried to provide succour to them. CPI(M) activists in different states helped them in this job. Then came the mega cyclone and caused havoc in some districts. Left activists responded with all their might.

TELANGANA: CPI(M) Opposes Electricity Amendment Bill

THE Electricity Amendment Bill introduced by the central government should be withdrawn forthwith, the CPI(M) demanded. Statewide protests with placards were held. On May 24, decrying the Modi government’s actions, a protest was held at the RTC cross roads with placards. CPI(M) state secretary, Tammineni Veerabhadram expressed anxiety  that this bill violates the rights of the states and is against the interests of the states. Encroaching into the subjects within the state jurisdiction seems to be the main objective of the centre, he warned.

Depositors lose Rs 120 crore in CKP Bank

THE moratorium declared on Punjab and Maharashtra Co-operative(PMC) Bank in September 2019 had sent shock waves throughout the country.  The depositors of this bank could not withdraw more than Rs 50,000.  Deposits of about Rs 12,000 crore got stuck up and due to this abominable situation, nearly 10 depositors lost their precious lives.  The PMC crisis brought the concern about limit of the DICGC (Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation-owned subsidiary of Reserve Bank of India) coverage of one lakh rupees to the public domain and that eventuall

Even in Crisis BJP does Business Costing Lives of the People

THE epidemic of Covid-19 pandemic has exposed the already putrefying socio-economic system in India. There has been heart rendering stories of pain, apathy of workers walking back to their homes immediately after the first lockdown was announced in the country. The massive unemployment with over 120 million job loss during the period of the lockdown has further accentuated the misery of the people.


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