HP: Government Apathy Fuels Apple Farmers Agitation

THE  apple growers in Himachal Pradesh are protesting since July 11, 2022, on their  20 demands. The GST on apple cartons was increased from 12 per cent to 18 per cent. Therefore the cost of a carton increased by Rs 25 per carton and the cost of trays increased by Rs 200 per bundle. The cost of other packaging materials also increased from 32 per cent to 80 per cent. 

This caused anger among the apple farmers who are already in crisis, due to the implementation of neo-liberal policies of the state and central governments. 

Agricultural Workers Hold Protest Demonstrations

THE all India protest day on August 1, was organised successfully throughout the country. On the call of five organisations of agricultural workers, protest actions were organised in hundreds of districts and memoranda were sent to the President of India. Agricultural and rural workers participated in these protest actions in huge numbers. The joint charter of demands with 28 points was the base of the call, but the main slogan was employment, land, housing, education, health, and equality for all.

Kerala: Lust For Blood: RSS Gangs Murder 17 CPI(M) Workers in 6 Years

Criminals of RSS have carried out brutal murders of 17 CPI(M) workers in the past six years, each of which was perpetrated with substantial support from state BJP leaders. The signature killings and style of legal defence in these cases make evident, the meticulous planning and conspiracy that's gone into each crime.

THE   killing style and nature of legal defence make evident, that each of the murders has been meticulously planned for and executed with substantial help from state BJP seniors. 


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