J&K: Government Must Concede ASHA Workers Demands

ASHA workers, who essentially act as backbone of health structure in rural areas of the region, are compelled to work on paltry emoluments. The government has totally neglected them. They have been fighting for better remuneration over the last many years but to no avail, thus compelling them to resort to strikes and dharnas. Recently the workers were on protest in every district of Jammu and Kashmir.

UP: Left and Democratic Parties Hold Rally

THE Left and democratic parties held a rally in Lucknow on October 11, with the slogan ‘Save Constitution, Save Democracy’ and ‘Defeat BJP, Victory to INDIA Alliance.’ The core issues addressed during the rally included rising prices, unemployment, increasing atrocities against women, minorities, and dalits, the prevalence of bulldozer raj, and communalism. Hundreds of people enthusiastically participated in the rally.


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