Meanwhile in Tripura

SFI Bookstall Vandalised and Closed DownIN a fascist like diktat, the ICA department, government of Tripura, the organiser of the 37th Agartala Book Fair has ordered to close down the stall allotted in the fair to Chhatra Sangbad, the organ of SFI Tripura state committee. This unprecedented and gagging order was issued on February 19, on the fifth day of the book fair.

Kerala Samrakshana Jatha

THE state of Kerala was in amidst of a debate following the Samrakshana jatha which elaborates the LDF progress. Thousands of people have thronged at the centres to have a dialogue with the leaders during the jatha programme. The issues like development, communalism and democratic rights have also been thoroughly discussed in these centres.A southern jatha headed by CPI (M) state secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan began from Putharikkandam in Thiruvananthapuram city on February 14 while the northern jatha was led by Kanam Rajendran, CPI state secretary from Kasargode two days later.

Kerala Budget 2019: A Road Map for Rebuilding Kerala

IT is cliché to say that the finance minister had to overcome ‘unprecedented challenges’ in making the annual budget. But,  T M Thomas Isaac had to literally overcome formidable and unprecedented challenges in preparing the annual budget of the state for 2019-20. The state’s economy as well as its exchequer was subjected to severe shocks in the recent past by natural and manmade disasters. The ‘note ban’ and the haphazard introduction of GST had severe adverse consequences on economic activities, especially small and medium enterprises and petty commodity producers.

TELANGANA: No Cabinet Formed; Administration Takes a Toll

THE chief minister of Telangana, K Chandrasekhara Rao fails to constitute the cabinet of ministers, even after 50 days of declaration of the election results. Despite winning the assembly elections with a massive victory of 90 out of 119 seats, except for deputy chief minister, Mehmood Ali, the cabinet is not yet formed.With the lack of a full cabinet and with the chief minister himself monitoring all the departments, the works have taken a snail pace.

Meanwhile in Tripura

THE Vision document of BJP for the assembly election of 2018 had promised to give 50,000 government jobs to the unemployed youths of Tripura within one year if they formed government. But after 11 months of the BJP led government in office, the much hyped promise of 50,000 government jobs remains unfulfilled. Further, the moves of the government make it clear that it wants to close the doors of government employment for the youth.

Kerala Budget: Consolidating the Gains for Working People in Hard Times

THE Kerala budget which was presented to the assembly a day before the Union budget, has put the perspective of the working class in sharp focus. While the latter is full of non-stop jumlas aimed to subdue the brewing anger of the working people against its policies, the Kerala budget has signalled the consolidation of the gains for them. As the finance minister Thomas Issac rightly pointed out, the state suffered from two tragedies in the last year. The unprecedented rains caused the worst floods of the century bringing heavy damages to life and property.


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