Marxism is a Key to end Exploitation

MARXISM is a key to end all sorts of exploitation that exists in society and that can only be achieved through revolutionary movements of working class by applying Marxist doctrine of concrete analysis of concrete conditions, said Sitaram Yechury, general secretary CPI(M) while addressing a gathering in New Delhi on the occasion of celebration of 200th birth anniversary of Karl Marx.


THE vote-on-account presented by the Telangana chief minister on February 15 does not lay down any definite path for the development of the state, the CPI(M) has said. The chief minister should have formed the cabinet and introduced a full budget in February itself. But in view of the parliamentary election and taking into consideration the interim budget placed by the central government, the chief minister, also holding the finance portfolio, presented the vote-on-account.

Kerala Samrakshana Jatha

THE state of Kerala was in amidst of a debate following the Samrakshana jatha which elaborates the LDF progress. Thousands of people have thronged at the centres to have a dialogue with the leaders during the jatha programme. The issues like development, communalism and democratic rights have also been thoroughly discussed in these centres.

TAMIL NADU: Centenary Celebrations of Lokayata Philosopher Held

BIRTH centenary of Indian Marxist philosopher, Debiprasad Chattopadhyaya, was observed by the Marxist (Tamil) monthly, in association with Bharathi Puthagalayam and the department of philosophy, Pachaiyappas College, Chennai. A one-day seminar was held at Chennai, on February 16, to remember his contributions to unearth the treasure called Lokayata from the ancient Indian philosophy, including vedic literature, that created a new world of thought in India.

Intensified Saffron Terror

JUST within hours of PM Modi's visit to Tripura, attacks took place on CPI(M) MP, MLAs and other leaders. In his speech in Agartala, Modi had claimed that the days of fear,  intimidation are matters of past in Tripura (Darane, Dhamkane Ke Din Khatam Ho Gaye Hain). But within 48 hours of his speech, in two separate incidents MP, MLAs and CPI(M) leaders were attacked by BJP hoodlums. 

Kerala Budget 2019: A Road Map for Rebuilding Kerala

IT is cliché to say that the finance minister had to overcome ‘unprecedented challenges’ in making the annual budget. But,  T M Thomas Isaac had to literally overcome formidable and unprecedented challenges in preparing the annual budget of the state for 2019-20. The state’s economy as well as its exchequer was subjected to severe shocks in the recent past by natural and manmade disasters. The ‘note ban’ and the haphazard introduction of GST had severe adverse consequences on economic activities, especially small and medium enterprises and petty commodity producers.

Baseless Allegations against Prajasakti Daily

A LIST of companies under the scanner of Serious Fraud Investigation Office (SFIO) in the backdrop of demonetisation was announced in the parliament in March 2018.  This list contains the name of Prajasakti Printers & Publishers Pvt Ltd also. Basing on this, some concocted, baseless stories appeared in some sections of media. These stories sought to spread falsehoods alleging that Prajasakti was involved in illegal monetary transactions of crores of rupees.  Hence this clarification:


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