Meanwhile in Tripura

THE Vision document of BJP for the assembly election of 2018 had promised to give 50,000 government jobs to the unemployed youths of Tripura within one year if they formed government. But after 11 months of the BJP led government in office, the much hyped promise of 50,000 government jobs remains unfulfilled. Further, the moves of the government make it clear that it wants to close the doors of government employment for the youth. Rather it wants to do away with recruitment of permanent employees and opt for outsourcing. 

Kerala Budget: Consolidating the Gains for Working People in Hard Times

THE Kerala budget which was presented to the assembly a day before the Union budget, has put the perspective of the working class in sharp focus. While the latter is full of non-stop jumlas aimed to subdue the brewing anger of the working people against its policies, the Kerala budget has signalled the consolidation of the gains for them. As the finance minister Thomas Issac rightly pointed out, the state suffered from two tragedies in the last year. The unprecedented rains caused the worst floods of the century bringing heavy damages to life and property.

WEST BENGAL: Brigade Turns into Red Sea

TENS of thousands of people, in some estimates a million, thronged the Brigade Parade Ground on February 3 at the call of the Left Front, to assert alternative policies and politics. One of the largest ever mobilisations in Kolkata’s historic ground threw up a challenge to the communal and political polarisation in the state, triggering a new stage of confidence as well as struggle.

PUNJAB: Left Parties Hold Big Rally in Ludhiana

LEFT Parties -- CPI and CPI(M) have jointly organised a huge state-level rally in Ludhiana on January 28. People from every nook and corner of Punjab participated in the rally. A big section of the participants were agricultural workers, peasants, MNREGA workers, village chowkidars, artisans, industrial workers and daily wage workers. Sitaram Yechury, CPI(M) general secretary, and D Raja, CPI secretary, addressed the rally besides state leadership of both the parties.


Meanwhile in Tripura

AIDWA Rally Attacked in Udaypur

IN a clear symbol of frustration and fear as the people are coming out in growing numbers against the misrule of BJP led government in the state, BJP hoodlums attacked a rally of AIDWA in Udaypur of Gomati district on January 28. 

Adopt IESO Act to IT industry, KITU demands

KARNATAKA State IT and ITeS Employees Union (KITU) demanded the government to invoke the provisions of Industrial Employment Standing Orders (IESO) Act, and suitably adopt it to the requirements of the IT, ITeS and knowledge industry in the state. It demanded that the regulations of conditions of service governing the IT, ITeS, knowledge industries etc to be defined with the participation of employers and employees.

JHARKHAND: Karl Marx’s Bicentennial Birth Anniversary Celebration

A STATE-level event to mark the bicentennial birth anniversary of Karl Marx was organised in the steel city of Jamshedpur on January 21. CPI(M) Polit Bureau member Prakash Karat was the main speaker. The Michel John Auditorium packed to its capacity with hundreds of industrial workers, peasants, employees, students, youth, women and intellectuals.

Chemplast Workers Chastised For Joining All India Strike, Stand Ground

SANMAR Group, Chemplast (Plant III) in Mettur, Salem district, Tamil Nadu, dismissed 94 workers for joining the general strike call given by trade unions on January 8 and 9. Recently, 100 workers of the Plant had joined the CITU and despite serving prior strike notice to the management, 94 of them were dismissed and were obstructed from entering the Plant on January 10.

TAMIL NADU: Lenin’s Statue Installed in Tirunelveli

Just months after a statue of V I Lenin was pulled down in Tripura by right-wing goons, the largest statue of the Communist icon in the country was installed in Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu at the initiative of the CPI(M) Tirunelveli district committee.

CPI(M) general secretary Sitaram Yechury unveiled the statue. He congratulated the Tirunelveli district committee of the Party for the initiative and recalled how the legendary Tamil poet, Subramania Bharathi, who was a native of Tirunelveli, had penned a song praising the October Revolution.


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