AP: LG Polymers Gas Leak – A Corporate Crime

IN the wee hours of May 7, the unusual foggy dawn surprised people living around the LG Polymers India Ltd plant in Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh. They were caught unawares by the pungent odour and breathlessness. People came out of their homes and ran helter-skelter, with many of them falling unconscious and collapsing on roads. It was a run for survival for many as panic gripped the area. Twelve people died in the gas leak.

Bargain Abatement: Vietnam and the Indian State of Kerala Curbed Covid-19 on the Cheap

Their secret is quick and efficient public-health systems
THE phone rings and a doctor picks up. “Sir, we’ve run out of ventilators. What do we do when more patients come?” Soon after, a grim medic explains that the disease they are battling kills three in four victims. There is no vaccine or treatment.

TN: CPI(M) Relief Works in Full Swing

AS per the call given by the CPI(M) state committee in Tamil Nadu, the district committees along with other mass organisations have provided essential items to the needy people affected by the sudden imposition of lockdown by the BJP-led central government. The Party members have also interacted with the local administration and ensured that the relief items provided by the state government are reaching the beneficiaries in time.

Community Kitchens in Bengal

HUNDREDS of Left activists are showing exemplary motivation and are helping poor, stranded people in West Bengal. From the day one of lockdown, Left mass organisations have organised temporary food distribution centres. The success story of one has inspired others and numerous such centres have come up in the state. Without any help from the state government, these activists have run ‘community kitchens’ in many areas. They have been encouraged by neighbourhood and people are contributing in cash or kind.

BIHAR: CPI(M) Stands with Migrant Workers Returning Home

IT is well established that Bihar has a long history of migration of labourers in large numbers and the intensifying agrarian crisis has contributed to increased migration from the state to all parts of the  country and abroad. Soon after the announcement of the coronavirus lockdown, industries, factories and shops across the country were shut down and the migrant workers were forced to return to their state.

The Truth about Palghar Lynching

LAST week, on the night of April 16, a shocking case of mob lynching took place in Gadchinchle village of Dahanu tehsil in the Palghar district of Maharashtra, around 150 kilometres from Mumbai. This incident must be strongly condemned and strict punishment meted out to those proved guilty.

What were the facts of the case? Why did it occur? And what is its political fallout? 

DELHI: Survey of Migrant Workers under Covid Lockdown

SOON AFTER the lockdown was declared on March 24, here in Delhi we were informed by the West Bengal state leadership of the CPI(M) that a large number of migrant workerswere making distress calls to their contacts in the Partyback home and seeking help. In consultation with comrades in West Bengal, it was decided that contacts of our trade union leaders in Delhi would be passed onto the workers in distress. Within two days, the numbers were shared amonghundreds of workers who in turn passed them on to their colleagues from other states, similarly strandedin Delhi.

KARNATAKA: CITU, Mass Organisations Provide Succour to Poor, Migrant Workers during Lockdown

THE CITU and other mass organisations in Karnataka have undertaken massive relief work among the people, particularly the poor and the working class, during the ongoing lockdown to check the spread of the novel coronavirus. The CITU launched a special drive – Asangatitharige Annapoorna Sankalpa–Nimmondige Naavu CITU Pracharabhiyana – to help the unorganized sector workers who have been hit the hardest due to the lockdown. It was decided to provide food hampers with 18 essential items, at a cost of Rs 800 each, to at least 10,000 families in the state.


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