West Bengal: ‘Left Forces’ in the Forefront of Relief Work

IN Kotarang, Hind Motors area in Hooghly, peoples’ kitchens are a saviour for hundreds of families in this difficult period of lock down. One such kitchen, run by DYFI activists serve lunch to around 500 people. Initially DYFI activists were distributing rice, pulses, salt to houses. They felt that some families would literally face starvation after some days. Most of them are house maids, cobblers and van drivers. The strategy was changed and a list of 122 families was prepared and coupons were distributed. DYFI activists distributed coupons to these families in the evening.

JHARKHAND: Corona Crisis: The Poor Most Adversely Affected

IN Jharkhand, with the confirmation of the death of two people from coronavirus and increasing number of corona positive patients, an atmosphere of panic is prevailing in the state. After Ranchi and Bokaro, new cases are surfacing in Hazaribagh and Giridih, increasing the total number of corona-infected people to 19 in the state. As a precautionary measure, the state government and the administration have completely sealed the areas where cases have been found.

AP: Extensive Relief Operations in AP during Lockdown

EVEN though the first Covid-19 case in India was detected on January 30, the government of India failed to take proper steps to combat it until March. The nationwide lockdown call given by prime minister Narendra Modi leaving only four hours of preparation time, had become a cause of misery for millions of Indians across the country. The Andhra Pradesh state government didn’t pay attention to the Covid-19 warning till the local body elections were postponed.


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