A Dirty Game to Protect Killers of Tripura Journalist

WITH an eye on the 2018 Tripura assembly polls, the IPFT(NC) has mounted numerous attacks on left and progressive forces in the state. Since its efforts to disrupt a rally of the Ganamukti Parishad (GMP) in Agartala on September 19, the IPFT has intensified its attacks. While CPI(M) workers managed to resist most of these attacks with the help of the people, progressive-minded journalist Shantanu Bhowmik was brutally killed by IPFT miscreants in Mandai in West Tripura on September 20.

MAHARASHTRA: Whole-Timers State Workshop Held

AS part of the implementation of the state organisational plenum decisions, the CPI(M) Maharashtra state committee organised a state level workshop for Party whole-timers at Solapur on August 19-20, 2017. It had organised a state Party class in Mumbai in June and seven regional Party classes are due in September and October. Some important decisions about the state Party weekly ‘Jeewan Marg’ have led to a doubling of its circulation from July. From November 15 to December 15, a statewide call has been given to collect one crore rupees as whole-timers fund.

SFI-TSU sweeps in Tripura college council elections

THE SFI-TSU combine registered a splendid victory defeating the RSS-affiliated ABVP in all the 22 general degree colleges in Tripura, where students council elections were held on September 12. Out of a total 393 office-bearers and 385 class representative seats, the SFI-TSU won 385 and 366 seats respectively. In all, the SFI-TSU (Students Federation of India and Tribal Students Union) combine won 751 (96.53 per cent) seats. The remaining eight office-bearer and 19 class representative seats were won by the ABVP.

Jubilant SFI-TSU activists took out victory processions.

DELHI: Public Hearing on Arbitrary Closing-down of Slaughter Houses

A PUBLIC hearing (jan sunwai) was held in New Delhi on September 12. This event was organised by Save Environment and Human Rights ‘SEHAR’.
The public hearing brought together people from various sections of society who have been adversely affected by the arbitrary closing down of slaughter houses, attacks by the self-proclaimed ‘gau rakshaks” and the unannounced ban on the sale of raw meat or cooked meat dishes in dhabas and hotels in the states of Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan.

KARNATAKA: Thousands of ‘Gauri’s March in Defiance

EXACTLY a week after assassination of Gauri Lankesh, thousands of ‘Gauri’s marched in Bangalore in defiance. The colourful march with thousands shouting “I am Gauri” from Railway Station to Central College, and the resistance convention held, reflected the raging anger against the murder of public intellectuals to suppress dissenting voices and freedom of expression. It also reflected the defiance by a rainbow coalition of forces representing journalists, writers, artists, students, social activists, thinkers, social movements, and political parties.

Massive Protest in West Bengal: District Headquarters Seized for Hours despite Police Attack

THOUSANDS of people joined in massive protest demonstrations at district headquarters in West Bengal on September 11, at the call of the Left Front. The protest took a militant turn and the protestors battled with police in many districts. The demands of the protest included remunerative price for the peasants, digital ration cards for all, equal pay for equal work, opening of closed factories etc. Restoration of democracy, end to boundless corruption in panchayats and municipalities, defence of unity of the people were issues that reverberated in these rallies.

Kulgam Moving Ahead despite Odds

THE CPI(M) has been staunchly defending the people’s rights in Kashmir Valley -- combating the designs of secessionist elements and fighting the police and military excesses. Though a small political player in Jammu and Kashmir, with just one MLA, the party has suffered immensely at the hand of terrorists. Nearly 50 comrades have lost their lives, but not one from the BJP, the party that sings the rhetoric of nationalism.

TAMIL NADU: Widespread Protests against the Central & State Governments

THE political situation in Tamil Nadu is currently characterised by massive protests against the central and state governments on a number of issues facing the people including the agrarian crisis, economic stagnation following demonetisation and GST introduction and the question of exempting the state from the NEET process. There have also been militant working class struggles, with an indefinite strike of more than a million government employees and teachers at all levels slated to commence on September 7.

Tripura Walks for Peace, Voices Protest against Imperialism and War

THOUSANDS of people from all walks of life marched in unision against imperialism and war across the state on September 1, at the call of Anti-war Platform, Tripura. A huge and colourful rally in Agartala saw a determined challenge against the warmongers and warned against any attempt to turn India into a junior partner of US strategic designs. 


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