Gender Issues

Militant Protest by AIDWA

A two day sit-in demonstration by AIDWA in downtown Kolkata expressed strong anger of women against TMC government. The sit-in was organized to protest atrocities against women in the state and ‘murder of democracy’ in the panchayat elections.The Sit-in was inaugurated by eminent film director Tarun Majumdar. Arjina Bibi- mother of martyr Taimur Gayen, who was killed on the day of Panchayat elections, urged with deep emotion to steadfastly fight against terror tactics of the ruling party.

AIDWA Demands Strong Action in the Jharkhand Gang Rape Case

THE All India Democratic Women’s Association (AIDWA), in a statement   issued on June 4, has condemned in the strongest terms, the gang rape of the five NGO women workers in the Kochang village in Khunti district of Jharkhand.  The brazen manner in which the women were abducted at gun-point and raped and then silenced into not reporting the crime reflects the total lawlessness and the atmosphere of terror prevalent in the BJP-ruled state.

‘Encounters’ of Minorities & Poor under Yogi Raj in UP

UTTAR Pradesh will be crime free – was the much-touted slogan of Yogi Adityanath after he became the chief minister. The illegal method of eliminating crime, aka ‘encounters’, started in 2017. “Thok do” (shoot them) was the dictum given to police officials to gun down criminals. It is a different matter that the chief miniter himself is facing 15 criminal cases and 143 MLAs of the state have criminal cases registered against them, of whom 83 are from the ruling BJP.The policemen are offered promotions in the wake of encounters.

VIOLATION OF PCPNDT ACT: AIDWA Demands Stringent Action on VC

THE All India Democratic Women’s Association, in a statement issued on May 14, has condemned the shocking statement reportedly made by the vice chancellor of AYUSH, Baldev Kumar Dhiman, claiming that ayurveda can help in the selection of gender before conception. Not only does this display a completely unscientific mindset, the statement also violates the PcPNDT Act which makes sex selection illegal, whether before or after conception.

Is Death Penalty the Right Solution?

THE huge public outcry and resentment at the increasing incidents of rapes and sexual offences against women today can well be understood and appreciated. In a country where a woman is reportedly raped every 15 minutes (this, despite many rape cases still going unreported), and where a woman is a victim of crime every two minutes, such outrage is a natural reaction, particularly when law makers and law protectors become accomplice to such heinous acts, as demonstrated in Kathua and Unnao rape cases.

PANCHAYAT POLLS IN WEST BENGAL: TMC Unleashes Ruthless Violence on Women

WEST Bengal experienced an unprecedented violence against women by Trinamul Congress administration on the eve of panchyat polls in the state. Women belonging to Left parties were physically assaulted when they were going to file the nominations; they were threatened in their homes; wives and daughters of Left leaders were not spared, even if they were not filing nominations. Trinamul Congress regime in the state in alliance with the State Election Commission is not only authoritarian but also flouting all norms of minimal consideration of human rights.

AIDWA Calls for Mass Movement For Food security

THE AIDWA central executive committee (CEC) meeting held on March 31- April 2, in New Delhi took several important decisions to mobilise women in large numbers against the severe attacks on the livelihood of women and against increasing violence and communal mobocracy. 64 out of 99 CEC members and 6 out of 12 special invitees from 20 states attended this meeting. The central secretariat meeting was held prior to the CEC.

Sexual Harassment Case in JNU: Women’s Organisations Hold Demonstration

VARIOUS women’s organisations held a militant protest demonstration outside the Vasant Kunj (North) police station on March 20, against the inordinate delay by the police in arresting Prof Atul Johri who has been accused of sexual harassment by nine women students. Professor Atul Johri is a senior professor at the School of Life Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University. The harassment of girl students in JNU is highly condemnable and shameful. Nine students from his laboratory have registered a police complaint against Prof Johri.

Special March 8

HEY, sister, where are you going so early?Where else, of course to mobilise for the International Women’s Day! This year it is going to be special. It seems some of them were saying that without the government, we will not be able to organise the Women’s Day. It seems our days are over and we should stop mobilising. All this has to be proven wrong. We should show that we are not like others, who keep on crying over our loss and lock ourselves in the house. After all, what is it today? It is the WOMEN’S DAY. It teaches us to keep on fighting and never give up.Have you heard it?


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