Gender Issues

AIDWA Condemns the Outrageous Statement by BJP MP

YOGI Adityanath, a BJP MP, has made a public statement to the effect that 100 Muslim girls are to be forcibly converted to Hinduism for every Hindu girl who is forced to embrace Islam. This is yet another example of the Sangh Parivar openly communalising the issue of violence against women and inciting hatred against the minority community by making the outrageous accusation that enforced conversion of Hindu women to Islam is a serious issue in this country.

AIDWA Protests against Brutal Gang-Rape & Murder of its Activist in West Bengal

IN yet another gruesome attack, a woman was brutally gang-raped and murdered on August 17, 2014, in village Sunia, Kanthi in Purba Medinipur district of West Bengal. The state has been a victim of innumerable atrocities on women as well as internally displaced families due to the political vengeance resorted to by the Trinamool Congress. Thousands and thousands of families are forced to stay out of their homes, displaced due to their affiliation to the CPI(M). With the aid of the police and the administration, the TMC has been continuously targeting these families and unleashing terror.

AIDWA Condemns BJP's Blatant Lies in Meerut Case

THE All India Democratic Womens Association in a statement issued on August 9, 2014 has strongly condemned the blatant lies and half-truths being spread by the BJP and Sangh Parivar about the case registered by a young woman in Meerut alleging gang-rape and conversion. They are exploiting her distress to create communal conflict and hatred. An AIDWA delegation comprising of Subhashini Ali (vice-president) Reeja Jayaprasad and Akhila Singh (CEC members) visited the young woman on August 8 and also met the family members who were with her at the hospital.

Protests Demanding Action on TMC MP For his Outrageous Threats to Women

DEMANDING action including removal from Lok Shabha against Tapas Pal, a Trinamool Congress MP, who spoke like a barbarian, CPI(M) in Tamil Nadu organised protests in city centres including Chennai and Madurai on July 5.
At Chennai, G Ramakrishnan, state secretary of the Party addressed the cadres who gathered in hundreds. A Soundararajan, Central Committee member, P Selva Singh, state secretariat member and Maduravoyal, CPI(M) MLA K Bhimrao, district leaders K Krishnan and A Pakkiyam and others also addressed the gathering.


No One can Marginalise the Left: Prakash Karat
IT was 9 a m of March 9, 2014, when a traffic policeman, who was on duty in Keezh Vellore town of Nagapattinam district, informed that more than 1000 vans and buses loaded with people were moving towards Keezha Venmani, a tiny village located seven km from the town.
Till the evening on the day, more and more people had moved towards the village. At a point in another village, called Thevur, vehicles were not able to move forward. From there, thousands of people had to walk five km to the tiny village.

JUSTICE FOR YUMA SHERPA: No to Commodification of Women’s Body Parts

ON January 29, 2014, 26 year old Yuma Sherpa, died in the aftermath of a surgical procedure to harvest eggs from her body, as part of the egg donation programme of a private clinic based in Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi.

Yuma was persuaded by agents to donate her eggs for a surrogacy, and started undergoing the procedure early this year. Subsequently, she wanted to stop the procedure and back out altogether as she was suffering from discomfort caused by the injections, but was told by the doctor at the clinic that it was too late to go back.


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