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India's Daughter Reflects Structural Reasons Behind Proliferation of Rape Cultures

THERE is no need to make too much about differing opinions about a film. There may be very rare occasions when there is unanimity among film viewers. Thus some may like the documentary made around the Nirbhaya case called India's Daughter and some may not. But can the grounds for banning the film be supported? In India, the right to freedom of expression is not an untrammeled right like it is in the United States or some other countries.

“Get rid of the ‘National Shame’, Give us Justice”

ONE thousand rupees a month, that too for ten months a year, is paid since 2009 as the wage more than 25 lakh mid day meal workers, providing noon meal for 11 crore children in 12 lakh schools in the country. A worker has to cook food for an average of hundred children a day. In more than fifty per cent of the schools, they have to get firewood, water etc for cooking.  Cleaning, washing the utensils and adding all the work they do, on an average, they have to work for six hours a day.

HARYANA: Mass Organisations Protest Nepali Woman's Brutal Rape & Murder

HUNDREDS of people belonging to various mass organisations led by the All India Democratic Women’s Organisation rose in protest against the brutal rape and murder of the 28 year old mentally challenged woman from Nepal who had come to Rohtak for treatment at her sister’s place in Chinaut Colony. She was abducted by a group of notorious elements from near her residence on February 1 and the case was immediately reported to local police who did not come into action till her badly bruised and mutilated body was found lying in the fields three days later on February 4.

Women’s Safety & the Sangh Parivar: A Comment

THIS week Kiran Bedi joined the Delhi BJP as its star campaigner, and declared in the first very statement that in Delhi “women’s safety is the main issue and not Statehood”. She said that if she wins elections than she would ensure that there was better policing including community policing in order to ensure women’s safety. Almost immediately in response to this, Sharmishtha Mukherjee, the Congress candidate from Greater Kailash, stated that the main issue for her constituency is women’s safety and she would use her MLA funds to do community policing if she won.

Sex Work & Reproduction of Capitalism: Some Reflections on the Debate

THE public debate on the legalisation of sex work (ie, prostitution) has once again gained focus after the chairperson of the National Women’s Commission expressed her support for the move. This move, which represents a policy shift, needs to be seen in the context of the development of a growing lucrative commercial sex work industry within the capitalist system. The polarised positions within the legalisation debate need to be assessed in this context.




AIDWA Opposes Closure of Crisis Centre Project

The following is the press statement issued by the All India Democratic Women’s Association on November 29.
AS reported in the press, the prime minister’s office has shot down the one stop crisis centre project of WCD which was to provide medical, legal, police and emergency services to survivors in distress under one roof. The centres were proposed one at each district costing Rs 200 crores in total. The PMO has come out with the argument that the scheme was unnecessary and services should be provided through existing infrastructure. AIDWA strongly criticises this move of PMO.

Dalit Agricultural Worker Women’s Meet in Punjab

AS part of the implementation of the call given by the 8th all India conference of All India Agricultural Workers’ Union held at Warangal in Telangana recently, the Punjab state unit of AIAWU held a convention of Dalit women agricultural workers on October 4 at Jalandhar. The convention was presided over by Sunita Rani, Kesra Devi and AIAWU Punjab working president Ram Singh Noorpuri.


AIDWA Condemns the Outrageous Statement by BJP MP

YOGI Adityanath, a BJP MP, has made a public statement to the effect that 100 Muslim girls are to be forcibly converted to Hinduism for every Hindu girl who is forced to embrace Islam. This is yet another example of the Sangh Parivar openly communalising the issue of violence against women and inciting hatred against the minority community by making the outrageous accusation that enforced conversion of Hindu women to Islam is a serious issue in this country.


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