Gender Issues

AIDWA Denounces BJP-RSS Threats to Women

IN a press statement issued on October 16, the AIDWA has strongly condemned the efforts of BJP-RSS backed right wing groups to create a communal frenzy against the implementation of the orders of the Supreme Court(SC) in the Sabarimala case. The court upheld the equal right of women to worship at the temple under Article 25 of the constitution. However, ever since the judgement came, the RSS and its affiliated organisations have attacked the SC and the LDF government which has respected the judgment.

AIDWA Demands Justice for Victims of Sexual Assault and Harassment

THE All India Democratic Women’s Association, in a statement issued on October 10, has expressed its deep outrage over the sexual abuse and trauma that a number of women in the field of media have suffered. Some of them have broken their silence recently and come out with shocking complaints of sexual harassment and assault against leading media personalities. It salutes the brave women who have come forth to challenge the prevailing patriarchal norms which indict the victim rather than the perpetrator in such cases.

AIDWA Welcomes SC Judgment Recognizing Women Equal Rights to Places of Worship

THE All India Democratic Women’s Association, in a statement issued on September 28, has welcomed the judgment of the Supreme Court in the Sabarimala case which has allowed the entry of women of all ages into the temple. Earlier, the Sabarimala Temple rules had barred women between the ages of 10-50 years from entering the temple on account of antiquated notions of impurity associated with menstruation and other similar notions.

AIDWA Protests against Triple Talaq Ordinance

THE All India Democratic Women’s Association, in a statement issued on September 20, has expressed its strong protest over the promulgation of the Triple Talaq ordinance by the central government on September 19, 2018. The ordinance is an attempt to undermine the democratic process since many organisations, including AIDWA, had demanded that the Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill 2017, pending in the Rajya Sabha, should be referred to a select committee for further discussion and debate before being brought in as a law.

AIDWA Welcomes Supreme Court Judgement on 498A

THE All India Democratic Women’s Association, in a statement issued on September 15, has welcomed the SC judgement on Section 498A IPC to the extent that it does away with the constitution of family welfare committees ordered by the SC in the Rajesh Sharma case. These committees were meant to look into and examine all cases of domestic abuse and harassment for dowry under 498A IPC before an FIR could be registered. The SC has rightly held that the constitution of such committees and giving them powers is erroneous and impermissible and not in accordance with the law.

Agribusiness, Women Farmers and Workers in the Global South

THE high participation of women farmers and agricultural workers in recently concluded AIDWA and Mazdoor-Kisan rallies shows that the neoliberal policy driven structural changes in the rural economy has had a devastating impact on the lives of women and their families. These changes are driven by a sharp decrease in public investment in employment generation activities and policies that open up rural markets to big business.

Women’s Protest Rally to be Held on Sept 4

THE All India Democratic Women’s Association (AIDWA), in a statement issued on August 29, has said that it is holding a National Women’s Protest Rally in Delhi on September 4.  The rally will begin at Mandi House at 11 am and culminate in a public meeting at Parliament Street. The meeting will be addressed by the family members of some of the victims of violence from different parts of the country.

Proposed ‘New Deal’ for Women is a Hoax

REPLYING to Congress president, Rahul Gandhi’s letter on the women’s reservation bill, the law minister, Ravi Shankar Prasad wrote: “….the BJP and the Congress, should come together and over a 'new deal' to Indian women to ensure equality and adequate representation. As part of this 'new deal', we should approve, in both houses of parliament, the women reservation bill, the law prohibiting Triple Talaq and imposing penal consequence on those who violate the law, and the law prohibiting Nikah Halala.

AIDWA to Hold Delhi Rally on Sept 4

KEEPING in mind the challenges before women, AIDWA has decided to organise a huge all India women’s protest rally in Delhi on September 4. The main issues are the increasing violence and brutality against women, especially girl children, growing unemployment, food security, the grim issue of starvation and malnutrition and the escalating communal and casteist attacks. The rally will be directed against the anti-women and anti-people policies of the BJP-RSS regime led by Narendra Modi.


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