Ayodhya: Don’t Subvert Judicial Process

CPI(M) Polit Bureau has issued the following statement on November 5
THE Polit Bureau expresses its serious concern at the situation developing around the Supreme Court decision to take up the case of the Ayodhya dispute later.

Retired IAS, IFS Officers Want Action against Amit Shah for '...

"It is not open to any individual, group, or a political party to subvert the due constitutional process by threatening street action or adverse political action by the Union executive."

Iran sanctions: Caving in to US threats

THE Modi government has caved in, in the face of threats of US sanctions regarding oil imports from Iran. At first glance, this would seem improbable, given the way the government is trying to project the temporary waiver from sanctions given to India and seven other countries.

CITU Working Committee Plans Extensive Campaign for Jan 8-9 General Strike

THE working committee of the CITU has called upon the working class of the country to get ready to strike down the neoliberal agenda of the ruling classes through powerful united actions.

Haryana Roadways Employees Strike Ends but Protest against Privatisation to Continue

The 18-day long historic strike against the decision of the BJP government in Haryana of adding 720 private buses to the fleet under a kilometre scheme, has now ended after the intervention by the Haryana High Court. Haryana Roadways Coordination Committee (HRCC) has agreed to follow the High Court’s instructions and start plying buses from November 3.

Tenant Farmers’ Padayatra in Andhra Pradesh

ANDHRA Pradesh Koulu Rytula Sangham (Tenant farmers’ organisation) conducted a padayatra demanding the scrupulous implementation of AP Land Licensed Cultivators’ Act 2011, to provide institutional finance and to create a separate ministry for the welfare of tenant farmers from October 10-31.

KERALA: Reform Election Laws to Curb Political Corruption

ALL the proposals to bring state assembly elections in alignment with the Lok Sabha election reveal a disregard for the federal principle and the rights of the states, said Pinarayi Vijayan, Polit Bureau member of CPI(M) and Kerala chief minister, while inaugurating the day-long seminar on election reforms.

The Modi Government’s Spat with the RBI

THE Modi government’s spat with the Reserve Bank of India, like its sudden resurrection of the Ram temple project, indicates the desperation it feels at its dwindling electoral appeal.

Dassault CEO: Some Clarity Peeping Out of Rafale Haze?

A RECENT interview by Dassault chairman CEO Eric Trappier (Mint, October 26, 2018) throws some light on the Rafale deal, even if inadvertently or by reading between the lines.

INF Treaty and the US Aggression

THE Trump administration that has been making concerted efforts to undermine the postwar liberal order is now set to jettison the Cold War nuclear order that introduced a modicum of nuclear sanity in the world. After the demise of Soviet Union in 1990s, the use of nuclear weapons as a political weapon reduced considerably.

Method of work

Marx knew of course that Dana, the editor, and the owners of the widely distributed New York Daily Tribune, who had asked him to contribute articles to the paper, would not tolerate the open propagating of Communist ideas. This task had to be carried out in other ways, especially through the Communist League members who had emigrated to the USA.

DYFI Holds March in Delhi Demanding Decent Employment

THOUSANDS of youth thronged the streets of Delhi on November 3, the foundation day of Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI), demanding decent employment. The central executive committee of DYFI had given the call for ‘March to Parliament’ on the burning issue of unemployment.