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September 2 Strike Reflects the Anger of Workers across the Country

The country wide general strike on September 2 this year was even bigger and more widespread than that held on the same day last year, as initial reports from all over the country suggest. The country wide general strike this year too was held on the same 12 point charter of demands. The central trade unions claimed a participation of 15 crore workers in the strike last year. The impact of the strike this year was so huge that even before the trade unions made any claims, the electronic media reported that 18 crore workers participated in the strike.

Workers Strike Back September 2 Strike Demands Explained

ON September 2, 2016, crores of workers across the country will go on strike demanding an end to the all-round attack launched by the government against their lives, livelihood and dignity. Representing the interests of the big capitalists, both domestic and foreign, the Modi government has been trying to fool the working people with false promises even as it supports and actively imposes a policy that is snatching away jobs, looting family budgets, disarming workers of their rights and opening the doors to harsher exploitation.

Road Transport Workers Co-ordination Committee Calls for Making Success Sept 2 General Strike

THE Co-ordination Committee meeting of the Road Transport Workers Federations and Unions was held on July 27 at AITUC office in New Delhi.

The meeting discussed the serious developments taking place in the road transport sector. It unanimously adopted a declaration calling upon the road transport workers in the country to participate in the September 2 All India General Strike.

CITU All India Working Committee Calls for Intensifying Campaign on Sept 2 Strike

‘INTENSIFY the campaign for an unprecedented countrywide strike on September 2; consolidate the organisation and march forward towards the 15th conference’ were the calls given by the working committee of CITU which met in Nasik from July 14-16, 2016. The meeting was attended by members and invitees from all over the country. A K Padmanabhan, president, CITU hoisted the red flag of CITU to mark the beginning of the meeting and presided over its sessions.

Country-wide Strike of Bank Employees to Protect Public Sector Banks on July 29

UNITED Forum of Bank Unions, an umbrella organisation of nine unions of workmen and officers in the banking industry has given a call for a day’s strike on July 29, 2016 opposing the moves of the government towards privatisation and merger of public sector banks and proposed anti-labour amendments to labour laws and demanding stringent action against willful defaulters towards recovery of non-performing assets. Accordingly, 10 lakh bank employees and officers working in nearly one lakh branches all over the country will observe the strike on July 29, 2016.


Central Govt Employees to go On Indefinite Strike from July 11

A MASSIVE parliament march and rally of about 20,000 central government employees was held at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi on June 24, 2016. The rally was organised by National Joint Council of Action (NJCA) of central government employees comprising railways, defence, confederation and postal organisations demanding modification in the recommendations of Seventh Central Pay Commission including minimum wage and fitment formula.


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