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Towards the CITU 15th All India Conference: Unify the Class: Intensify the Struggle

THOUSANDS of Red flags of CITU were hoisted at union offices, work places and residential area on November 7, the day that marks the beginning of the centenary of the Great October Revolution.  CITU secretariat had called upon all the affiliated unions, to observe this day as the Flag Day of the 15th All India Conference of CITU. This conference is to be held in Puri, Odisha from November 26-30.

Odisha All-Set for the 15th CITU All India Conference

THE 15th conference of CITU will be held in the coastal town of Puri in Odisha on November 26- 30, 2016. Over 2000 delegates, fraternal delegates and guests will be coming to Puri to participate in the conference. Over 400 of them will be women. The conference will be discussing all issues of concern for the working class and all toiling sections of society. It will review the activities of CITU during the period since its 14th conference in Kannur in 2013 keeping in view the directions and decisions of the last conference and formulate concrete tasks for the next three years. 

CITU Condemns the Govt’s Change of Decision on EPF Coverage

THE CITU, in a statement issued on October 6, has condemned the reported rejection by the union cabinet of the proposal to reduce the threshold of industrial units for the coverage of Employees Provident Fund.  Actually, the government has gone back on its own assurance given in the parliament to reduce the existing threshold of 20 workers to 10.  The government  had been claiming that 50 lakh more workers will be benefited by this change.  The proposal to cover factories with at least 10 workers has been pending from 2012, when the 44th Indian Labour Conference had recommended it.  The Cen

All India Working Women’s Convention of CITU Calls for Intensifying Fight against Inequity

THE Eleventh Convention of All India Co-ordination Committee of Working Women (AICCWW) was held in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh for two days, on September 29-30, 2016. The venue of the convention is named after Comrade Arati Dasgupta, who was one of the prominent leaders of the working class movement in West Bengal. The convention started with the flag hoisting by Neelima Maitra, veteran leader of the AICCWW and working committee member of the Centre of India Trade Unions.

Teachers’ Demonstration in Mumbai against Education Policy

NEARLY 4,000 teachers and non-teaching staff assembled at Charni Road railway station and marched towards Mantralaya in Mumbai on September 2 for defence of public-funded education from kindergarten (KG) to postgraduate (PG) level. However, Mumbai Police did not allow the marchers to proceed toward the Mantralaya. A meeting took place at Wilson College gymkhana ground at Marine Drive where leaders of various organisations vowed to continue the movement with broader unity across the state for saving the grant-in-aid system.

Facts about Contractorisation

QUICK study in various key industrial sectors of the country, with the help of CITU has starkly revealed the wretched conditions of contract labour and the increasing use of this evil system by employers – both public and private – to extract the last drop of blood and sweat from workers to maximise their profit margins. Explaining the decade old trend of declining wage share over net value added and profits, the study shows that in all the sectors, there is an increasing share of contract workers and they are paid wages that are often one third of their regular co-workers.

CITU Denounces Invoking ESMA on Nurses’ Strike

The Centre of Indian Trade Unions, in a statement issued on September 3, expressed serious concern over continuance of countrywide strike by Govt Nurses under the leadership of  of All India  Govt Nurses’ Federation since 2ND September 2016 with the Govt of India indulging in complete inaction in sorting out the long pending demands of the Nurses of Central Govt Hospitals. As many as 20000 nurses of Govt Hospitals including those run by MCD have joined the strike.


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