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All India Bank Strike Held Successfully

AT the call of United Forum of Bank Unions (UFBU), the joint platform of nine unions of workmen and officers of the banking industry, the workforce of the industry all over india, including those of the private sector banks, foreign banks and regional rural banks and cooperative banks also in some states, have gone on strike on August 22 to express their unequivocal opposition to the neo-liberal reforms of the banking sector being pursued by the central government.

ASHA Workers March to Parliament

OVER six thousand ASHA workers from 11 states marched from Ram Lila Maidan and collected at Jantar Mantar to submit around 50 lakh signatures on a memorandum to the central government. The signatures were of ASHA workers, facilitators and beneficiaries as well as the general public. 

The main demands were:

Ø To make the NHM a permanent programme of the government.

Ø No privatisation of the public health system.

Ø To improve infrastructure in all public health facilities.

Ø To increase the allocation for health to at least 6 per cent of the GDP.

Successful One Day Strike in BSNL

THE one day strike on July 27, called by the unions and associations of BSNL, was near total. The officers and workers of BSNL have massively responded to the strike call. The strike took place demanding wage revision from January 1, pension revision, superannuation benefits to the directly recruited employees and to stop the attacks on trade union rights in BSNL.  The success of the strike was beyond expectations in almost all circles. Most of the customer care centres, administrative offices, and telephone exchanges wore a deserted look.

Fight Privatisation! Save Public Sector

ONE of the major components of neoliberal policies, popularly known as ‘LPG (liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation) policies’ is privatisation – privatisation of public enterprises, public resources and public services etc. Privatisation process in our country was initiated under the Congress regime in 1991 when the neoliberal policies were officially introduced.

The Most Unkindest Cut of All

CAN any Indian citizen imagine in his wildest dream that the central government will contemplate to liquidate the State Bank of India, the largest public sector bank in our country, doing yeomen service to the common man, serving more than 25 crore account holders and commanding one third of the total banking business?  Can anyone think that the government at the centre will attempt to close down Life Insurance Corporation of India, the largest public sector insurance company with no match in the private sector and which has doubled its contribution to the 12th Five Year Plan compared to th

CITU Congratulates Bengal Tea Garden Workers for Heroic Strike

THE Centre of Indian Trade Unions, in a statement issued on June 15, has congratulated the tea garden workers of West Bengal for successful two-day strike action on June 12-13, demanding enhancement and implementation of statutory minimum wage. The strike was called by the united platform of tea garden workers in West Bengal, after the TMC-run government of West Bengal backtracked from its commitment for a negotiated settlement on enhancement of statutory minimum wage for the tea garden workers, as per dictates of the tea garden owners.

CITU Condemns Arrest and Detention of Aisin Workers

THE Centre of Indian Trade Unions, in a statement issued on June 1, has strongly condemned the brutal lathicharge, arrest  and detention of more than four hundred workers including 35 women of the Aisin Automative Ltd located at Rohtak, Haryana. Besides the workers, the leaders of various mass organisations who joined the struggling workers in solidarity were also arrested on May 31, 2017. CITU has warned the BJP led Haryana government that it will have to face the united strength of the toiling people if it tries to repeat  ‘Honda’ or ‘Maruti’ in Aisin or elsewhere in the state. 

SOLIDARITY TO FARMERS’ STRUGGLES: CITU Condemns Killing of farmers, demands enquiry and compensation

THE Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU), in a statement issued on June 7, has strongly condemned the police firing on farmers in two places in Mandsaur district in the BJP ruled Madhya Pradesh. The farmers were demanding remunerative prices for their produce and debt waiver, which the state government had earlier promised but failed to implement. Six farmers were killed in the firing and several more were seriously injured.

WFTU Presidential Council Meeting in Havana

MAY Day in most of the capitalist countries is an occasion to remember the Chicago Hay Market martyrs and their struggle for eight hours work. It is a day to express solidarity with the workers all over the world who are still continuing their struggle on the same demand, over 130 years after the Hay Market episode. It is a day to affirm the determination of the working class to continue on the path of struggle, overcoming the depredations and oppressions of the ruling classes to achieve the ultimate goal of emancipation from all exploitation.


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