Niti Aayog’s Study Paper on Gig Economy: An Attempt to Institutionalise Precarious Jobs

THE Modi government’s policy think-tank Niti Aayog has recently come up with a study paper on ‘gig economy’ defining the gig or platform economy as ‘rapidly burgeoning’ and ‘booming’. The policy paper, titled ‘India’s booming gig economy and platform economy: perspective and recommendations on future work’, published on June 27 has recommended steps to provide social security. It is nothing but an attempt to institutionalise the so-called platform or gig economy. 

National Policy on Education: Declaring the End of Public Education

IN the era of the Corona crisis, finally, the 'New Education Policy 2020' was passed by the union cabinet and given the status of legislation. Legally, this is a huge policy change. Especially with all the education policies made after independence. Be it the first committee formed under the leadership of educationist Radhakrishnan or later the committee of educationists which was headed by D S Kothari - the meaning of education and its purpose was to build the nation.

Tripura: Pursuing Mass Line, CPI(M)’s Unique Initiative to Rouse People

CPI(M) has 15 MLAs in Tripura. In the past four years, they have been trying their level best to raise the burning livelihood issues of common masses of the state cutting across caste, colour and creed in the highest forum of the administration, i.e., the assembly. But the number of sittings of Tripura assembly under the BJP-IPFT regime has been very limited and the number of days of every session including the annual budget session is very minimal.

Kerala: Congress and Muslim League Blinded by the BJP- Media smokescreen

THE utter falsity of the recent “revelations of Swapna” is obvious to anyone with common sense and needs no particular defence. Despite this, I am compelled to pen this note for the following reasons. A section of the press is celebrating Swapna’s concocted story for the past one week, projecting her ‘revelations’, as gospel truths. The Congress, Muslim League and BJP have unleashed violent protests lapping up the motivated media propaganda. It is possible that some gullible people could be misled by the orchestrated campaign unless the truth is told.

From Siachen to Agnipath: Unravelling of the Pseudo-Patriotic Narrative

IT was half a century back. The Indian government headed by Indira Gandhi had made up its mind to extend full military support to the Bangladesh liberation struggle in 1971. A substantial political stake was involved to go for an early strike. But before starting the campaign, the then PM summoned the army chief, (the only field Marshall so far from the Indian army) Sam Manekshaw. The general put his foot down on operational grounds. He clearly stated that the army needs at least six months to attain military preparedness for a successful campaign.

India: Where the Fringe is Above the Law

IN history there are few precedents for the bulldozer demolitions of houses of Muslims taking place in BJP-ruled states across India accusing them of being “ rioters” without due process of law. In Nazi Germany on November 9-10, 1938, the fascist gangs of Hitler’s party went on a rampage using sledge hammers to damage the properties of the Jews while a 'benevolent' police force looked on.

Kanpur Clash: Targetting of Muslims

ON Friday, June 3, in Kanpur, immediately after the Namaaz, clashes broke out in one particular locality, Yatimkhana-Parade Crossing.  There was brick-batting, a few people were injured and hospitalised and the immediate intervention by the police ensured that the clash ended within half an hour.  Compared to clashes in earlier years which led to rioting and spread to other parts of the city and which saw police firing claiming several lives, what happened on the 3rd was not a very serious affair but it has dominated headlines and TV channels for several d

World Environment Day: Challenges Galore, Need to Act Fast

“ONLY one earth”, well, we all know that, but assimilating it into the consciousness that we all, and that is humans, flora and fauna can coexist only, is still difficult to imbibe.

Only one earth is the theme for World Environment Day on June 5, 2022. Very apt indeed! The various reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change(IPCC), the recent one being the VI in the series, point out at the severe challenges the planet earth and all those inhabiting this planet face.


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