National Monetisation Pipeline: A Pipeline to Drain Public Wealth into Corporate Coffers

THE BJP government led by Modi recently unveiled a four year National Monetisation Pipeline (NMP) claiming to garner Rs 6 lakh crore for infrastructure development. In reality, the NMP is aimed to hand over huge functional infrastructural assets of the country to private corporates and big business houses, including foreign MNCs. The corporate cronies of the BJP government will be allowed to mint huge money utilising the assets built with people’s money.

Syllabus Revision in DU: Assault on Academic Autonomy

UNIVERSITY of Delhi has been ravaged by a recent controversy pertaining to the revised syllabi of a few departments, namely, English, History, Political Science and Sociology. On August 24, 2021, the academic council, the highest statutory body on academic matters, approved syllabi of the aforesaid departments with arbitrary additions/deletions suggested by an “oversight committee’ which acted as an extra-statutory authority on academic matters despite having no member from the concerned departments.

BJP’s Yet Another Distortion - This Time, the Struggle against Hyderabad Nizam

COMETH September, Woketh the BJP in Telangana. Since last few years it has become a practice for the BJP leaders to intensify their efforts to distort the history of the heroic struggle of the people of Telangana that brought an end to the autocratic rule of the Nizam of Hyderabad. They are using the day on which Nizam had abdicated his throne – September 17 – to further their campaign. They intend to use the observance of 75th  Independence Day to distort history and spread vish (poison) in the name of amrut (nectar).

Rental Housing Necessary, But Privatisation will not Help

THE transition from the old model towns built during the late 60s and the new townships developed during the late 90s and still continuing is very stark. There are many changes, one of the noteworthy transformations happens to be the housing sector. Take for example the Nangal township in Punjab, which was developed during the 60s. This township had three major units Bhakra Beas Management Board, National Fertilizers Limited and Punjab Alkalis and Chemicals Limited.

TN: White Paper on State Finances & the Budget

THE governor’s address to the Tamil Nadu state assembly, delivered soon after the formation of the DMK government following its massive victory in the assembly elections held last May, indicated that the government would place in the public domain a White Paper detailing the fiscal situation of Tamil Nadu in order to enable the members of the legislative assembly and the people to understand the true status of their government’s finances.

PM’S INDEPENDENCE DAY SPEECH: An Exercise in Deception

AN Independence Day speech, more so one which marks the beginning of the year of the 75th anniversary of India’s independence would surely have merited a reiteration of the values which won us our independence. But not for Prime Minister Modi. In his 88 minute long speech, there was only a cursory reference to the freedom struggle and its heroes. So unfamiliar are the names of India’s freedom fighters to the prime minister that he actually referred to Bengal’s freedom struggle heroine Matangini Hazra as belonging to Assam.

Freedom Struggle: Role of Communists and RSS

INDIAN freedom struggle is a glorious saga in the history of our country. The Congress cannot claim sole monopoly of the freedom struggle. Communists and various hues of socialists who were dissatisfied with the Congress and its tactics, fought with determination and sacrificed their entire lives in this struggle. There is one exception to the patriotic tendency that was all pervading in the country – the RSS, which did not participate in the freedom struggle.


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