The Myth of ‘Gujarat Model’ and its Implosion - II

IT is estimated that more than 6000 NRIs had come to attend the ‘Namaste Trump’ event. Nobody has gauged. Only on March 5, the screening at the airport started.  The large number of private health facilities was refusing to cooperate with the government. While the state health secretary informed the media that there is no epidemic and the Epidemic Act has only been invoked for legally empowering the administration, this was not invoked to address this problem. The testing was low; the frontline health workers were denied PPE and other necessary gear to insulate them from infection.

Corporatisation of Peasant Agriculture: Freedom for Agro-Business, Slavery for Peasantry

‘It is a historic day today for agriculture. The country gained freedom in 1947, but farmers are getting freedom through this ordinance,” union agriculture minister Narendra Singh Tomar said during a press conference on June 3. This is the manner how the RSS led syndicate used to rollout their propaganda.

Open Source Covid Movement: Non-Capitalist Alternative to Control Pandemic

AT a recent press conference, Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan made an important announcement with global political dimensions. He said that the monopoly drug manufacturers are engaged in developing vaccines, medicines and other products related to the treatment of Covid-19. These would be patented and sold in the market for prices unaffordable to ordinary people. As an alternative, an Open Source Covid Movement based on the principles of cooperation and sharing is also coming up. The chief minister announced the state’s solidarity with this movement.

The Myth of ‘Gujarat Model’ and its Implosion

IN this pandemic stricken world, an observation is doing the rounds. The virus did not break the world; it was broken and the pandemic has exposed this. On a day when the total deaths due to the pathogen has overtaken the Chinese numbers, notwithstanding the prime minister’s colourful fiction inspired ‘Mann ki Baat’ in his personalised letter to the population,  this would equally hold good.

A World-Wide Churn

THE capitalist world has been gripped by a crisis since 2008, the basic cause of which is the unsustainable neoliberal capitalist system.

Crisis-ridden capitalism has been trying its level best to come out of this crisis. But whatever methods and steps were adopted had failed to overcome this problem, unlike in earlier such crises. This showed the hollowness and vulnerabilities of the finance driven neoliberal order.

Electricity Bill 2020: A Road to Complete Darkness

WHEN the whole world is living tensed over the Covid-19 pandemic, the central government has been trying to cook up an anti-people reform in the electricity sector. The Electricity (Amendment) Bill 2020, to amend the parent act of 2003, has been published by the ministry of power. They are in hurry to introduce the reforms in the electricity sector in spite of the people facing an unprecedented and devastating impact of the pandemic. The aim of the bill is total privatisation of the sector. During the pandemic, people are experiencing the importance of the public sector, universally.

The Impact of the Lockdown on Adivasi Communities

AS the greatest man made humanitarian crisis since independence plays out across India, prevailing inequalities get intensified due to government policies and approaches during the arbitrarily declared, unplanned lockdown. The curtain of invisibility that hitherto concealed the existence of 10 crore workers, termed migrant workers, has been torn asunder through myriad images of horrendous suffering. This huge section of India’s labour force or rather India’s life force are being stripped of their rights as equal citizens of India.

The Real Agenda of the Financial Package

THE financial package announced in five instalments by the finance minister details PM Modi’s grandiose announcement of a Rs 20 lakh crore stimulus package. This announced package, once again, reconfirms that Modi and the BJP central government are using the Covid-19 pandemic and the national lockdown to further its Hindutva agenda coupled with an aggressive pursuit of neoliberal economic reforms. 


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