Ms Invisible or Ms Invincible?

YOU cannot see me, I am invisible. No, it is not me who wakes you up with a cup of hot piping coffee, served early in the morning. Oh, sorry, to wake you up. I know, you cannot be ‘woke’.

Your breakfast? Find it on the table. Sorry, will serve it. Please be seated. Yes, of course it is my duty. It is not tasty? Or is it not to your taste? Beg you, spare me, will not repeat it. Oh, no, it is not me who had made it, because I am invisible. But I am responsible for that tasteless thing or that thing which is not up to your taste.

UKRAINE: Stop this Invasion, Restore Peace

THE Russian invasion of Ukraine has set in motion developments that will have long term implications on European and world affairs. A full-fledged military operation on such a big scale  mounted by Russia, whatever may be the provocations and perceived security threats, is not the way to resolve issues.  An immediate ceasefire and recourse to diplomatic talks and negotiations must be undertaken.


India's Secular Fabric Under Siege

INDIA has seen an increase in anti-minority far-right narratives in recent years. The country's top lawmaking body itself has become an apparatus that fundamentally operates against Muslim/Christian and dalit citizens, reinforcing their state of otherness and fostering communalism. Many parts of the country have witnessed incidents of lynching in the name of religion. Worryingly, in most of these cases the culprits are getting acquitted and even laws are being reframed in favour of such vigilantes.

Cryptocurrency – Legal or Illegal?

CRYPTOCURRENCY has been a hot topic of discussion in our country for quite a few years.  Those who support cryptocurrency argue that the transactions of this virtual currency are done through blockchain technology and are therefore well protected.  They say that it is very easy to invest; one can start investing even with Rs 100 and is a safe investment.

Who’s Lying?

THE recent wrangle between the prime minister, chief minister of Telangana and union power minister exposes one of the false narratives the central government has been building, even while putting spotlight on how crony capitalism is appropriating yet another human endeavour to save mother earth, for its ugly profiteering.

Budget Direction for Urban Remains the Same No Relief to People

BUDGETARY proposals placed by the finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman on February 1, 2022, for the fiscal year 2022-23 provided no relief to the people, especially those living in urban centres who were severely hit by the pandemic. With meteoric spiked unemployment in the last few years, it was expected that this year budget will at least address this problem partially. However, the much-awaited cry for an urban employment guarantee remained unaddressed. It is estimated that over 200 million people are without work, most of them in the urban centres.

Struggle to Save the Generation

BESIDES the loss of lives, layoffs and unemployment, the COVID 19 pandemic has also had a huge impact on the education sector. With schools and colleges shut for almost two years now, millions of students are being deprived of their right to education. Students who lost their guardians due to the pandemic are facing tremendous financial obstacles. The mental health of the students is worsening with every passing day. We are losing one student every hour. The learning and analytical abilities of the students are being affected the most.


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