Kannur is Ready for the 23rd Party Congress

KANNUR, the land with a revolutionary legacy of agrarian revolts and struggles, is in the final stage of preparations to host the 23rd Party Congress of the CPI(M). Arrangements for the conference at the E K Nayanar Academy, Kannur, are almost complete and a public meeting and rally will be held at A K G Nagar at Kannur Jawahar Stadium. The delegate session will be held at the specially constructed E K Nayanar Nagar in E K Nayanar Academy.

Water a Right not just a Need

Watersheds come in families; nested levels of intimacy. On the grandest scale, the hydrologic web is like all humanity ----- Serbs, Russians, Koyukon Indians, Amish, the billion lives in the People’s Republic of China-----its broadly troubled, but it’s hard to know how to help. As you work upstream toward home, you’re more closely related. The big river is like your nation, a little out of hand. The lake is your cousin. The creek is your sister. The pond is her child. And, for better or worse, in sickness and in health, you’re married to your sink.

Ms Invisible or Ms Invincible?

YOU cannot see me, I am invisible. No, it is not me who wakes you up with a cup of hot piping coffee, served early in the morning. Oh, sorry, to wake you up. I know, you cannot be ‘woke’.

Your breakfast? Find it on the table. Sorry, will serve it. Please be seated. Yes, of course it is my duty. It is not tasty? Or is it not to your taste? Beg you, spare me, will not repeat it. Oh, no, it is not me who had made it, because I am invisible. But I am responsible for that tasteless thing or that thing which is not up to your taste.

UKRAINE: Stop this Invasion, Restore Peace

THE Russian invasion of Ukraine has set in motion developments that will have long term implications on European and world affairs. A full-fledged military operation on such a big scale  mounted by Russia, whatever may be the provocations and perceived security threats, is not the way to resolve issues.  An immediate ceasefire and recourse to diplomatic talks and negotiations must be undertaken.



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