Assam: NRC and After

THE publication of final NRC in Assam has drawn the attention of the whole country. Not only now but for last couple of years, with the publication of first draft, stories related to NRC are hitting the headlines in all forms of media. The question of ‘stateless’ people it may create has been keenly watched by the international media as well. 

Patriarchal Citizenship and Disenfranchisement Of Women in Assam

HALIMA Khatun is a middle aged woman, who has been detained at the Kokrajhar Detention Centre in Assam for over 10 years. She has four children who live with her husband in Nagaon district. Except for her, the entire family has been declared as an “Indian” in the NRC process. Similar is the story of Arti Das who is also from Nagaon; she has been lodged in Kokrajhar Detention Centre for the last three years, while her husband is detained at the Tezpur Detention Centre. But their two children are ‘bonafide’ Indian citizens.

Whose Market was it Anyway?

IT was way back in February of 2019, when the Central Statistical Office (CSO) declared the GDP figures for the third quarter (October-December) of 2018-19 that the talk first began in the media about the Indian economy heading towards a slowdown. It didn’t, however, become the centre of attention on account of the Lok Sabha elections.

Amazon Forest Fire

AMAZON Rain Forest has been burning at a record rate since August 2019. The raging forest fire has not only been continuing but also expanding.  The core of the fire ball is in Brazil, encompassing the area of Equator and Peru. Brazil has at last declared a state of emergency because of this devastating fire in the region. So far this year almost 73,000 numbers of areas have experienced the raging forest fire; but alarmingly, the number crossed 80,000 in the last week.

Urban flooding

MUCH awaited monsoons in the country may be deficient in rainfall, but flooding even with scant rainfall has become a common phenomenon. The cities happens to be the worst resilient with the kind of infrastructure that has been constructed over the years. This leads to loss of lives and property. Just in three states, Maharashtra, Kerala and Karnataka, 227 people have died and the number may be higher as there are a large number of missing persons.

Right Wing Desperation in DU

SANGH Parivar is desperately trying to portray Vinayak Damodar Savarkar as a brave anti-imperialist freedom fighter among the youth of our country. To showcase him as a brave personality, the RSS family calls him “Veer Savarkar”, this is the nomenclature of VD Savarkar popularised in Vidya Bharti school textbooks and in RSS shakhas.

TAMIL NADU: Independence Day in Seragudi, Thanjavur

THE state conference of the TNUEF (Tamil Nadu Untouchability Eradication Front) was held at Thanjavur from August 15-17.  The need to strengthen this organisation and the many struggles and agitations that it organises was borne out by the fact that in just the month preceding the conference, there had been two incidents of brutal ‘honour killings’ in which both husbands and wives had been murdered because of their inter-caste marriages;  one elderly dalit had been murdered in the neighbouring district of Rameswaram;  and, on the very eve of the conference, an attack on dalits had taken pla


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