Growing unity among the Agrarian Classes will Force the Modi Government to Give in

THE growing unity among the various agrarian classes is clearly visible in the ongoing farmers’ struggle. The enduring agrarian crisis that had taken a toll of over five lakh peasant suicides (since 1995) due to indebtedness is the major factor that ensures consolidation of the peasant classes against the neo-liberal policies.

Dispelling Modi Govt’s Myths on Farm Laws

THE national capital has been witnessing massive farmers protest over three agricultural bills recently passed by the Modi government. First, protesting farmers were branded as middlemen. Then came the allegation that Khalistani separatists have penetrated the protest. The ruling dispensation further claims that farmers are turning out in large numbers as they are misled by the opposition. Finally, Prime Minister NarendraModi plunged into the scene to defend the government’s agri laws.

Meltdown: The Unravelling of the Indian Judiciary

IT was more than a coincidence that on November 26, 1949, Dr Baba Saheb Ambedkar as the chairman of the drafting committee presented the draft constitution to the Constituent Assembly. In its course, he made the famous observation, “We are giving ourselves a Constitution where one man will have one vote, but we are a long way from that day where one man will have one value”. He was articulating his insight on the extreme economic and social inequality in the Indian society. He had expressed himself repeatedly on the need for translating these ideas enshrined in the constitution.

Maradona: The Football Genius

WAS it an unconscious decision of that irrepressible certainty – Mr. Time – that Diego Armando Maradona left us forever on the same day his renowned friend and comrade, Fidel Castro, bid adieu four years ago? Yes, both Fidel and Maradona share the same date of death: November 25th.  While I pen these lines, the body of Maradona has been laid to rest in Bella Vista Cemetery, outside Buenos Aires. Tens of thousands of people gathered to pay homage to the legend during the funeral procession and the funeral.

A Draconian Anti-Constitutional Ordinance

THE Adityanath government in Uttar Pradesh has filed its first case under the new Ordinance entitled “UP Prohibition of Unlawful Religious Conversion 2020". The case symbolizes the real intent of the government and the way the ordinance is an instrument to criminalise inter-faith  relationships. A young adult couple, the girl Hindu and the boy Muslim, studying in the same educational institution developed a relationship. They eloped in October, 2019.

Three Problems of Reading Engels and the Reasons Why We Need To

REFLECTING on the contributions of Frederick Engels on his bicentenary, three issues come to mind. How do we read his writings today? A lot of his writings were polemics against defenders of the existing order; or those proposing theories that ran counter to Marx and Engels’ views on the struggles of the working class for a new and just society. We have a double problem here, one is understanding what Engels was writing against, as those figures, such as Dühring, live on only because of Engels’ Anti-Dühring. The second problem is the language of the text.

Engels and Women's Emancipation

THE historic contribution to the cause of women’s emancipation by Friedrich Engels, co-founder along with Marx, of the theory and practice of scientific socialism, has not dimmed with the passage of time. It continues to light the path of struggle being waged by millions of women across the world against systemic discrimination and violence which prevails even in the most developed capitalist societies.


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