BJP’s Freebie Campaign: Yet another Assault on the States’ Rights

THE freebie debate has raised a hornet’s nest regarding its definition, implications for the poor, impact on fiscal consolidation, propriety of judicial system usurping the domain of the legislature and political process and so on. But a dimension that has not received adequate attention has been the consequences for the federal structure.

Why Lok Ayukta Amendment?

THE Kerala Assembly has passed the Lok Ayukta Amendment Bill after detailed discussions. The assembly came to the general point of view that the bill has constitutional and legal validity. This bill has been formulated as per the provisions of the Central Lokpal Act and the State Lok Ayukta Model Bill by upholding the provisions of the constitution. As per the Lok Ayukta Act, this system will be responsible for investigations and inspections. This has been clearly stated in the preamble of the bill.

‘Operation Lotus’: Anatomy of a Sinister Destruction of Democracy

WHO used this code-name is not important.  But, this has been widely used by the media as a euphemism for the expansion of the BJP.  As is now the practice, the obnoxious manner in which this expansion was being planned has been sanitized by the media.  This was only to be expected with the transformation of the regime with Narendra Modi’s assumption of power. 

If Only We Had Wings…

R KELLY, the now disgraced pop star, had famously sung, ‘I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky…spread my wings and fly away…’ That song, with the beautiful video of Michael Jordan dunking the ball in the basket was really fascinating. That was then, it was only a fascination. A fantasy. But these are the days when fantasies turn into realities and myths. From there, it is not a long flight to become part of our history syllabus. Let us see how it is done.

Is this the End of Justice?

THE Amrit Mahotsav celebrations of 75 years of Indian independence were indelibly marred by the shocking remission granted on that day by the government of Gujarat to 11 persons who had been convicted of multiple rape and murder committed by them during the horrific carnage of Muslims that took place in the state in 2002.  When news of this remission became public, Bilkis Bano, the only survivor of the crimes, could only say ‘Is this the end of Justice’?


75 Years since Independence: Where India Stands in Road Accidents?

THE government celebrated ‘Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav’ to mark 75 years of India’s Independence in a big way. Like many other burning issues of the people, the major issue of road accidents/fatalities and the miseries of the victims and their families was also ignored or sidelined. The government has recently released the statistics and an analysis report on road accidents.

Electricity Amendment Bill 2022 Last Nail on the Public Electricity Sector in India

ON August 8, 2022, the government of India witnessed the anger and rage of more than one million electricity employees against its autocratic deceiving move to introduce the Electricity Amendment Bill 2022 in the parliament. The lightening action with the instantaneous sturdy opposition within Parliament compelled the government to push the Bill into Parliamentary Standing Committee.

134th Birth Anniversary of Kakababu: New Present Has to Be Built in the Light of Past Traditions

SINCE 1963, we have been observing the birth anniversary of Comrade Muzaffar Ahmad, popularly known to one and all as ‘Kakababu’. We observe his birthday not merely for the sake of remembrance. Our aim is to learn from his efforts in building a movement and forging a struggle, from his giant endeavour to build an organisation from scratch under adverse circumstances with the goals and objectives to build the Communist Party in this country.

70th Anniversary of India’s Independence: Powerful Struggles Alone Can Build Alternative Narrative

AS India marks its 70th anniversary of independence, it is necessary to recollect that the current political and social battles that are going on in our country emerge from a continuous ideological battle between three distinct visions of what should be the character of the political and social structure of post-independent India that arose during the course of our epic freedom struggle, particularly in the decade of the 1920s. 

BSNL’s Revival Package: Tall Claims and Bitter Truths

THE government has once again tom-tommed that it would be spending Rs 1.64 lakh crore to revive BSNL. This second revival package was announced on July 27, 2022. The government had already announced a similar revival package for BSNL and MTNL on October 23, 2019, in which the government had promised to spend Rs 70,000 crore for the revival of both the public sector telecom companies. A loud message is being sent to the general public of this country that the government is squandering a huge amount of tax payers’ money, for the so called revival of BSNL.


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