AIDWA Burns Effigies of Babas who Violate Women

All India Democratic Women’s Association observed Dussehra on September 30, by burning the effigy of the so-called (religious) babas, who violate women behind the fig-leaf of religion and the anti-women vice-chancellor of BHU. These elements get the patronage of the BJP government which has also resulted in the exponential increase in the incidence of violence against women during the three-years of NDA rule.

The programme was conducted by the Delhi president of JMS and the gathering was addressed by AIDWA general secretary Mariam Dhawale, and Delhi secretary Asha Sharma. After the enthusiastic shouting of slogans by dozens of women from all over Delhi, the effigy of Asaram, Ram Rahim, and other babas along with the BHU VC was burnt.

The programme was also attended by Moloyshree Hashmi of JNM and DYFI president of Delhi Pramod Kumar.

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