IT has been reported in the media that the union cabinet has approved a bill making it a criminal offence to pronounce triple talaq apart from some other provisions. The All India Democratic Women’s Association (AIDWA), in a statement issued on December 19 has condemned the hasty and extremely undemocratic manner in which the bill is being sought to be passed in the parliament without any public discussion and discussion with women’s organisations and groups working with issues related to Muslim women.

AIDWA is against the criminalisation of pronouncement of triple talaq. AIDWA has been in the forefront in the struggle for getting the triple talaq declared as null and void. It has now been declared as invalid in law. However, the consequences of pronouncing triple talaq should be worked out and the woman’s position should be strengthened. Her rights should be safeguarded. The welfare of the woman has to be ensured.

AIDWA demands that the bill be immediately referred to the standing committee of the parliament so that all concerned parties can give their detailed suggestions to this committee. There should be transparency and the due democratic processes should be followed by the government.  This bill should not be passed without such discussions.

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